Sword Art Online 09 — Kirito Reviews Sword Art Origin

This is part 49 of my SAO summary / fanfiction, and you can start from the beginning here.

“Hey, Silica, what do you think of this game?” Liz asked Imouto as they strolled through town with Silica.

“I’m not sure,” Imouto replied. “I need to ask Kirito what I think.”

“Of course! This is a perfect opportunity. Who better to ask than {CHR_PC_NAME) himself.”

The pair quickly found Kirito alone in an inn room with his daughter. “Onii-san, what do you think of this game?” asked Imouto.

“I’m glad you asked, Imouto. This game is amazing. It’s one of my favorite games ever.”

“It’s so much fun going into a big monotonous plane and pressing the same buttons over and over again to kill monsters. I love grinding.”

“I also love how the game cleverly reuses the same monsters over and over again by changing their colors. How many different monsters does that game have? Maybe twenty?”

“Oh, and I love the friendship system! It’s so much fun pressing a different button over and over again after every attack to make my friends like me! And then you get to use the *amazing* pillow talk system. Just like real life, you pick them up in town, take them back to the inn, toss them in bed. And, just like in real life, the way to get the most love points is to kiss them first and make small talk later. If at all.”

“I especially like the boss battles, with how you get to play as part of a raid. But since no one else is as good as me, everyone else dies within the first minute and I have to beat the boss by myself. I love the teamwork in MMOs like this.”

“Also the social aspects! I especially enjoyed the system where you have to give everyone in town random items to make them like you. In other games I had a lot more trouble making friends.”

“The crafting system is great too. It’s so enjoyable grinding for loads of the same item so you can upgrade your gear at the blacksmith. And also how you have to level the blacksmith. Oh and how you can’t even tell a difference from the upgraded weapons.”

“So, in summary, this is by far the best MMO I’ve ever played.”

Liz cried.

To be continued…

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  1. We have some quality gampley here.

    Anyway, this needs more jokes about Kirito’s long, hard, and shiny SWORD.

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