Sword Art Online 21 — Tentacles

This is part 12 of my SAO fanfiction. You can start with Part 1 here.

In the real world, Kirito saw Imouto yawning outside in the morning. “When did you get to bed last night? Children shouldn’t stay up too late,” Kirito asked.

“Onii-chan, don’t be silly! I went to bed with you last night!”

“Oh, that’s right. I forgot everything we did last night, staying up until the wee hours of the morning. Well, good morning.”

“Good morning.”

“Imouto, turn around.”

Imouto turned around, and Kirito picked up where he left off last night.

Meanwhile, back in ALfheim Online, Asuna had escaped from her cage. She reached a room with an admin console, but a few seconds later two slime monsters entered as well. Asuna left her hiding place and ran towards the admin console in full sight.

Back in the real world, Kirito and Imouto visited Asuna in the hospital. Kirito told Imouto all of the important details about Asuna, the woman he loved.

“… my sword was bigger, and I had two, but I never was able to match her sword speed or accuracy. That’s why I love her so much.”

While he spoke lovingly of his wife, Asuna was being raped by tentacle monsters, unbeknownst to Kirito and Imouto.

It’s a shame that she’s still asleep, Kirito thought to himself. I could have shown Imouto what Asuna’s like in bed, as one big happy family. We would have to go to ALfheim Online so that Yui could join us though.

Continued in Part 13: Kirito is Violated

10 thoughts on “Sword Art Online 21 — Tentacles

  1. “While he spoke lovingly of his wife, Asuna was being raped by tentacle monsters, unbeknownst to Kirito and Imouto.”

    And she liked it.

  2. Your tentacles raep is lacking in details.
    Even the anime is more detailed.
    Please describe how it slides inside her dress and panties, at least.

    1. Give me a break, I’m trying to tell a wholesome adventure here story, not write porn! If you want that kind of detail you should watch the anime!

  3. It’s just beautiful that Kirito only notices Asuna for her Cooking and Sword Skills, not her personality or insights or even her strong intimate connections towards him. hell naw~

    It’s just her sword skills that made this man… sort of… love her! (because I don’t know if he does, since half of the time he’s creeping up the imotos and getting Race Ambassador Babes XD)

    1. Kirito does love Asuna. It’s just that his manhood is so massive he has more than seven liters of love to give. Asuna can’t take on all of his love by herself!

  4. I think this Sword Art Online is overated. For me, The good episodes of SAO are the Episode 1 and Episode 2, the rest are a waste of time… It’s Animation and fighting scenes (especially the Boss fight) are epic but the plot is a disappointment. SAO’s potential as a Virtual World MMORPG anime are endless, you can come up a better story than the original one (especially about MMORPG things)… I have high hopes and expects many things about this anime but…well nevermind…It’s not a bad anime, just an average anime for me….

    If you want to watch Sword Art Online episodes LiveStream, here’s the link:

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