Sword Art Online Hollow Realization 05 — Kirito Teaches Premiere Swordplay

This is part 45 of my SAO summary / fanfiction, and you can start from the beginning here.

Kirito and Asuna were questing with Premiere when they were attacked by a group of NPC killers. Kirito easily slaughtered them all.

“Why would anyone do something so terrible as attacking NPCs?” asked Kirito as he killed a group of monsters. “If they die in the game, they die forever. Humans and NPCs can be friends too!”

“You’re so smart, Kirito-kun,” said Asuna.


“Premiere… I met you a few days ago, but since then, you became independent since I gave you a name. You’re a real girl now, and one of my best friends. I love your independent spirit. If anything happened to you… I couldn’t live with myself. So… I will… I’ll protect you, Premiere. I promise. If… You’ll have me?”


“… I consent. I will remain under your protection.”

Consent…? thought Kirito. What’s that…? Oh, that’s right! I’ll have to princess carry Premiere to the inn later!

“I love you, Kirito,” said Asuna. “I’m so happy I married you. You are so kind to girls.”

A few days later…


“Premire, has anyone tried to attack you again?”

“No,” said Premiere. “But I want to learn to defend myself. I want to be more independent, since that’s why Kirito-kun loves me.”

“Premier, you want to learn swordplay?” asked Asuna.


“Premiere, I will teach you. I want you to know though, I’m not gonna go easy on you. Is that okay? My sword will be really big and hard and it might make you cry.”

“Yes, Kirito-kun. I want your sword to help make me an independent girl.”


“It is a little hard to imagine little Premiere in the heat of battle though… Maybe this isn’t a great idea.”


“No, Asuna. Look at Premiere. That look… I’ve seen it before. That determination is the same. Just as it was when taught me in Aincrad. Premiere is ready to receive Kirito’s sword skills. Just like I was.”

“Kirito, just make sure you treat Premiere gently… it is her first time after all,” said Asuna.


“Yes, mom! Haha! Come on, Premiere.”

The party headed to the forest to practice swordplay.

First, Kirito taught Premiere how to hold her sword. Then, he taught her how to take a blow and recover, piercing her with his own hard, enormous sword.


“Premiere, this is gonna get a little more advanced. We call these techniques, ‘sword skills.'”


“Bring forth your sword and when you feel something other than your own strength, give in! Thrust out in one fluid motion!”

“Aaaah! It feels so good!” exclaimed Kirito as he thrust his sword in one fluid motion.

“Ok, Premiere, now you try!”

Kirito turned around to put some distance between them. Premiere attacked with her ferocious sword skill.

“Ahhhh!!!! Not there!” screamed Kirito.

“That spot is reserved for me!” cried Sinon.


“I apologize. I lost control.”

“Well, that sword skill had a lot of power behind it,” said Kirito. “That was some excellent thrusting.”

“Why don’t we hunt some monsters now?” asked Asuna. “I suspect Premire’s gotten the hang of sword skills. We’ll have to hike a ways to get there though.”

The party followed Asuna’s advice and headed off.

After a while, Kirito began giggling to himself. “What’s wrong, Kirito?” asked Asuna.


“Nothing in the world! In fact, I think we may have just invented a new type of hiking. Quest hiking… QUIKING!”

Asuna laughed. “Kirito-kun, you’re the funniest, handsomest man I’ve ever met!”

Premiere nodded. “So this is ‘humor’?”

“No.” said Sinon.


“Ouch. I thought that sounded cool… and I was wrong.”

Finally the party reached their destination. A hot spring was conveniently located there. Kirito headed into the hot springs.

Inside, there was a hot elf girl. Kirito began to wash her enormous boobs while she polished his sword.

“Kirito-kun, are you still in there?” asked Asuna. “I wish it were a mixed bath so your wife could join you inside…”


“Y-Yeah! Still, still in here! It just feels so good I don’t even want to get out!”

“Ok! Love you, darling!” said Asuna.

“That’s your wife?” asked the hot elf girl.

“Yeah. And my best friend.”


“Kirito… May I ask, do you have friends other than Asuna?”

“Yeah, a lot. Like my daughter… I mean, my two daughters… and my sister… that ass… that tentacle girl… Liz… no wait, she’s more of an acquaintance… oh and that guy with red hair, what was his name again?”

To be continued…

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