Sword Art Online II 03 — Sinon ASSesses her Fears

This is part 20 of my SAO summary / fanfiction. You can start with Part 1 here.

Some bullies led Sinon to a deserted alleyway.


Then they pointed their fingers at her.

Sinon’s knees buckled as she quaked in fear. The vomit rose in her chest. In GGO, she was the strongest sniper and she had the biggest gun. But there, she had poured all her stat points into her fine ass. In the real world, it actually wasn’t so big. Even a single finger was enough to make her scream in pain.

In fact, Sinon had developed a crippling fear of getting fingers up her ass. It was such a strong fear that it made her unable to function in the real world, where it was an everyday occurrence. That’s why she had started playing GGO: so that she could overcome her fear through immersion therapy, by getting guns shot up her ass regularly. Unfortunately Sinon was so good at GGO that that never happened.

Fortunately, some cops arrived and scared off the bullies. Sinon wouldn’t have to suffer again today.


Sinon went home and tossed off her skirt. She would try again today. Perhaps her immersion therapy had finally succeeded now that she had defeated Behemoth.


Sinon gently fingered the gun she kept in her desk drawer. She drew it out, and prepared to fire it up her ass.

She couldn’t do it. She ran to the restroom and vomited. She went to her bed, where she collapsed in a heap. She rolled over and moaned.


“Someone, save me. Save me… Kirito-kun… only your massive swords can heal my ass…”


Meanwhile, a nurse groped Kirito-kun’s ass.

“Hey, wait…” said Kirito. “I’m supposed to be the one doing the groping!”

“It’s okay. Now take off all your clothes.”


“What???!” Kirito blushed.

Continued in Part 21

6 thoughts on “Sword Art Online II 03 — Sinon ASSesses her Fears

  1. Hahahahahahahahahaha….sell this as an E-book man cuz you’ve got some good entertainment going on here

  2. What’s the origin of Sinon’s trauma?

    Well, in the past, she was involved in some bank robbery.

    A robber tried to insert his gun up Sinon’s ass, but she fought back, grabbed the robber’s gun and shoot it up his face. Disgusted because his own bullets stick to his face, the robber fainted, and Sinon saved her ass. But since then, she developed a fear of guns, and stay single until now. Even in MMORPG, she brushed off all the men who tried to approach her.

    Where’s her prince charming? The guy who will break a barrier in her heart? Stay tuned.

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