Sword Art Online II 19 — Asuna Leaves Kirito for Another Girl

This is part 36 of my SAO summary / fanfiction, and you can start from the beginning here.

Asuna turned off her video games. It was time. Dinner time.


She went downstairs, to a romantic candlelit dinner with her mother. “Asuna, the internets are evil. Stop playing on the internets. I will get you to attend a school that isn’t all about the internet. I will get you a tutor— one that isn’t on the internet! Oh, and break up with your internet boyfriend. I found a real husband for you.”

“You’re already in middle school! It’s time for you to grow up.”

“But, mom!”

Asuna went to her room and cried. Everything was so unfair. Why did her mom hate the internet so much? Was it because Asuna had been trapped in the internet for two years? Adults were sooo stupid.


“The real me is powerless… it’s only in the virtual world, when I’m doing swordplay, that I feel powerful…”

The next day, Kirito woke up from his nap. Asuna had arrived at their secret swordplay spot.


“Hey, do you remember the first time you came to my room in Selmburg?”

“No… I have a poor memory…”


“Just kidding! That I remember! You were so amazed when I showed you my sword for the first time.”

“It was my first time seeing a man’s unsheathed sword. How could I not be amazed?”

“Anyway, Asuna. You’re going to challenge Zekkun today? Zekkun’s sword is… Well…”

“Kirito-kun, don’t tell me, you’re jealous that another man’s sword might pierce me?”


“No, that’s not it. Well… I want you to feel the rest for yourself.” Kirito patted Asuna’s head tenderly.

Asuna went to face Zekkun in a deadly showdown of might.


“Yo, peace!” Zekkun was a cute girl. Asuna glared at Kirito.


“N-No… I didn’t go easy on her because she’s a girl.”

“So this is why you didn’t mind me doing swordplay with Zekkun.”

“All men are scum,” said Lizbeth. “They love seeing girls do swordplay together.”

“Well… you may have a point…” said Kirito.



Zekkun and Asuna began to fight. Zekkun felt Asuna’s chest with the tip of her sword. Then she pierced Asuna eleven times with her eleven hit combo special attack.

Asuna was defeated. “Zekkun, why don’t you finish me off? Your sword is so strong… although not as strong as Kirito’s.”

“Because you’re exactly the one I wanted!” Zekkun cried. She grabbed Asuna’s hand, and they flew off together into the sunset.

“Noooo!!!!” Kirito wailed a cry of despair. “I wanted to watch my girlfriend going at it with another girl, but I never thought this would happen! Could it be that Asuna… is actually a lesbian?!!!”

Continued in Part 37

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