Sword Art Online II 21 — Asuna and Yuuki Aim for the Wincest

This is part 38 of my SAO summary / fanfiction, and you can start from the beginning here.

Kirito single-handedly held back thirty powerful warriors, buying time for Asuna to enter the boss room with Yuuki and further develop her swordplay skills.

“How are you so strong?!” cried the enemies. “We can’t even touch you! You slice our magic in half with your enormous sword!”


“What? I was just getting started,” complained Kirito. “Even the fastest magic is slower than an anti-materiel rifle’s bullet. Blocking your swords is sooo easy. And I haven’t even drawn my new sword yet…”


Kirito took out Excalibur. His enemies, those who could remain standing despite the sudden weakness in their knees, fled. Kirito’s sword was too big. Staring at it, they felt as if they had no right to call themselves men.


“I love you, Kirito-kun,” said Asuna, as she stared hungrily at his two swords. But she turned around. Today, she had to protect Yuuki. That fragile but strong, young body… Asuna could barely control the feelings swelling from within her bosom.


Yuuki laughed and giggled as she handled all the men’s swords with ease. She had handled so many swords before, all the men were novices before her vast prowess.

After their energy was spent and the men had been disarmed, Yuuki, Asuna and their friends entered the boss room. This time they would triumph.


Everyone took a swig before the battle.

Asuna tenderly placed her hands on Yuuki’s shoulders, and stared into her eyes.

“Yes, Onee-chan?”


“Once this battle is over, tell me about yourself. I want to know about you, Yuuki. To know everything. I want to touch every inch of your body. To do swordplay with you, and to know how it feels to have your sword inside me.”

“Ok, I can’t wait, onee-chan!”

“Why are you calling me Onee-chan?” asked Asuna. “Not that I mind… Actually, now I kind of understand how Kirito feels about his sister…”

“Because I want to be close to you too!” said Yuuki. “And family are the ones you’re closest to.”

“You’re right,” said Asuna. “Like how Kirito and I are so close with our daughter Yui… I will call you Imouto then. Well, let’s get to know one another better!”


“And you know, that there are things that can be shared only by fighting!”

Asuna and Yuuki drew their blades.

The ogres attacked viciously. Yuuki took some damage, and Asuna quickly healed her.

“Onee-san, I feel your energy flowing into me! It feels… so good!”

They continued fighting for a while, but the ogres didn’t slow down their relentless assault.

“Wait!” shouted Asuna. “I have an idea!”


Asuna aimed and fired at the giant jewel in the ogres chest. “It’s their weak point! Focus your fire here!”


“Wow, onee-san, you’re a genius! Leave it to me, sis!”


Yuuki pushed her blades deep into the ogres’ chest with a twelve hit super aerial combo, and they were quickly defeated.

“We won, onee-chan!”


Yuuki flew through the air and tackled Asuna. They stared into one another’s eyes. Only an inch separated their mouths.

Later that afternoon, Asuna and Yuuki said goodbye. “It’s over, we won. Good work guys.”


“It isn’t over!” said Yuuki’s mom. “Asuna… you don’t know how much you mean to Yuuki. She’s always been one to do swordplay with anyone she meets. But with you… maybe you could be someone special. Let’s have a party.”


“Okay!” said Asuna. “Um, why not come to my player home?” Asuna blushed.

“Well, that’s a bit too fast for my daughter…”


Yuuki looked at her mother with a look of purest joy. “Ok, fine. It’s not like I should kid myself about what kids are going to do. Back in my day… well… I shouldn’t say this in front of my daughter. Never mind.”

Everyone went to Asuna’s house to party. Kirito and Yui were great wingmen, they had already prepared plenty of food and vacated the premises. After all, that’s what family is for.


Yuuki told hilarious stories about how she played an MMO where she was a bug.


Later on, once Asuna had given Yuuki’s mother plenty of alcohol, Asuna and Yuuki slipped surreptitiously into Asuna and Kirito’s bedroom, holding hands. But suddenly, Yuuki disappeared. She had logged out.

Asuna began to cry.

Continued in Part 39

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  1. Kirito stop the rest from interfering, he is a key role in this episode. But Asuna spotted the weakness of the boss, which lead to the team victory.

    It is very well team work fight for them :] and have their name on the Memorial

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