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What Should I Blog Next? Spring 2014

As usual, I will do whatever I feel like despite asking what I should blog next season. Pick your top three and try to convince me in the comments.

I should warn everyone that the next season will be pretty hectic for me in real life. The next two or three weeks I will likely fall behind due to work. In addition, I will be traveling in Asia for all of June and will not be blogging anything then. I have a bunch of posts saved up for the trip though.

If anyone is in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, or Japan, let me know! Any travel advice for where to go in Japan is also appreciated. I’ll be spending a few days in Okinawa, then flying to Kagoshima, and flying out of Tokyo two weeks later. The rest of the Japan leg of the trip is completely open so please give me suggestions!

What should I blog next? Pick up to three.

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