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Sword Art Online II 16 — Kirito’s Giant Elven Orgy

This is part 33 of my SAO fanfiction, and you can start from the beginning here.

Kirito and friends were feeling super horny. They had been fighting naked, sweaty giants for hours. The new pair of opponents was tough. The yellow giant’s resistance to ordinary attacks was too high.


“I have a plan,” said Kirito. “At the same time, let’s let loose and concentrate all our Sword Skills on the yellow one, to defeat it. I can’t hold in my power for much longer.”

“Me too,” said Asuna. “I can only squirt my magic pixie juice on you all for another 150 seconds. I’m running out of MP, despite the 7 liters Kirito supplied me with when we started…”

Kirito grasped the hilt of his blade firmly in his right hand, a mixture of oil and blood glistening on the tip. Everyone stored up their magical energy and prepared to release their load onto the unsuspecting giant. Continue reading