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A Seasonal Review — Winter 2024

Didn’t Watch: See Seasonal Impressions

23. Meiji Gekken 1874 — D-
What a disappointment. Why did I try to watch this…

22. Metallic Rouge — D
What the fuck. Why.

21. The Witch and the Beast — D+
Very disappointing. Some cool moments and ideas but never really came together.

19. The Fire Hunter — C-
Cool ideas but what a complete disaster.

20. Chained Soldier — Ongoing
The manga is much better… Wasn’t trashy enough. Took the coward’s way out.

18. Hokkaido Gals are Super Adorable — C
Ended up fine.

17. Tales of Wedding Rings — Ongoing
Somewhat lame story but pretty well made. Ended up much better than I expected. Continue reading A Seasonal Review — Winter 2024