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Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn 04 — Trampling

I almost forgot I was blogging this.

O Captain! My Captain!

I really liked what they did with this guy. Banagher started out hating him, but eventually came to respect him during their trek through the desert.

They had an interesting conversation in the cave during their trip. The gist of it was that the spacenoids and earthlings have different systems born in different places, which will inevitably come into conflict. But this is rather silly. The spacenoids come from Earth, after all. And their system of government is the oldest form their is: an autocracy. One of its variants developed in the early 20th century, fascism, to be specific. Continue reading Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn 04 — Trampling

Onii-chan no Koto… 13 — *Yawn*

The biggest question surrounding this show is why I decided to blog it in the first place. Looking on the bright side, it makes my more recent choices *cough cough* Dog Days *cough cough* seem downright inspired by comparison. But, I’m a completionist, and I’ve got to finish what I’ve started. So let’s talk about the extra episode.

This special episode continued in the tradition of the TV series, and showed a bunch of skits showing how perverted Shuusuke is. I’d say it was a bit better than most of the original episodes, since at least there was more variety and they didn’t linger on anything for long.

But the problem continues to be that they keep replaying different variations on the same jokes over and over again, which stopped being funny after the first episode. We get that Shuusuke is perverted and pathetic. We get that Nao likes it that way. Can’t we get something new?

The only part that even made me chuckle was Shuusuke getting on his knees and begging his mother for a third time, but this time for a more detailed atlas instead of porno books (to look up perverted sounding places, of course). The fanservice in this episode was more explicit than the original series, and equally uninspired. We have Shuusuke looking up Nao’s skirt and looking at Kondo’s stockings for the zillionth time.

Well, now I can knock this show off my checklist once and for all. This and Dog Days have proven once and for all that I cannot blog comedies. There’s nothing more boring than talking about what’s funny.

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