Tales of Zestiria the X — First Impressions


A knight battles against the forces of terrible CG.


Aside from the CG… which was pretty terrible (and I say this as someone who loved the animation in both Sidonia and Berserk)… this episode was actually pretty decent. It was an episode with a lot of action to keep people’s interest, that set the stage for the rest of the show.

However, it was the prologue, and as someone who has played the game, I can say with some confidence that the reason this episode worked so well is because it didn’t actually occur in the game. The writing for the game’s story was pretty bad. So the further they stray from the game the better…

6 thoughts on “Tales of Zestiria the X — First Impressions

  1. I hope they deviate from the game’s story as well, and actually keep Alisha in the plot. Though it looks like they’ve already begun doing that, with the inclusion of Velvet, the protagonist of Tales of Berseria, in the OP.

    1. Yeah they had two random episodes entirely about Tales of Berseria… and the sad part is, it was WAY BETTER than the rest of the show, about Tales of Zestiria.

  2. To be honest, Tales of Zestiria’s already outliving it’s usefulness. So, why bother keeping a Alisha if she couldn’t do anything to help the real heroes.

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