Tari Tari 05 — Sob Story

Gah. That was depressing. More because Wakana was such a jerk to her mother than because her mother died.

I still can’t bring myself to care that Wakana doesn’t want to play piano though. It’s her life, let her do what she wants with it. Maybe I’m just a heartless bastard.

I found the brief segment on badminton more interesting than the rest of the episode spent on Wakana. Kind of wish they would reconsider their priorities here.

Further Thoughts

These two are the perfect pair of airheads. Clearly they’re setting up Sawa and Taichi for some shipping, so I guess that leaves Wakana the odd one out.

Damn she’s cute though.

I wouldn’t want to get on Sawa’s angry side.

But it ought to serve her well when she gets hired by the Romney family.

4 thoughts on “Tari Tari 05 — Sob Story

  1. I agree with Draggle on the interesting parts of this episode. I usually enjoy dramatic or heart-wrenching scenes (such as 1st epi of AnoHana or Usagi Drop), but I felt nothing during this one…

  2. Wakana more like WAAAAH-KKAAANAAAAA~

    This episode was alright even though it felt like I was watching a side arc in something like Clannad AS or Angel Beats?! Yeah saddddd and very emotional and next week is going to be even more depressing T_____T

    1. Hahaha. What a great way to put it, it feels like a side arc for Wakana. It’s going to end and then no one is going to care anymore and we’ll be back to some tragic story with the choir club.

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