Tari Tari 08 — St. Wakana the Blessed Virgin

Every time she opens her mouth I want to scream at her.

It’s like we’re listening to a saint who has already accumulated all the wisdom of this world and reached Nirvana. But everything she says is completely inane.

It looks like Sawa might never achieve her dream again. “Maybe you should take a step back.” And Sawa rightfully explodes at her. Then Wakana tells Sawa a non-sequitur about how she got back into music because of her mother, and the problem is resolved.

Later, she tells the vice principal about feelings. I wanted to barf.

The only thing Wakana did this episode that didn’t make me want to punch her in the face was prank call the vice principal. Good work!

On the bright side, seeing Sawa explode at the choir club was quite satisfying. She should get angry more often! Being happy all the time is boring.

Plus we have some yuri!

I also appreciated how they dealt with Sawa’s father. I thought they would do something like having them both apologize and make up in a heartfelt reunion. But no, Sawa’s dad was supporting her all along. This phone call was the only part in the series so far where I’ll confess to having been a bit touched.

But did we need to end with yet another rush to not be late for the performance? I feel like we’ve seen this before. Just replace the bus with a horse. Can Tari Tari not come up with any more compelling conflicts than transportation delays?

11 thoughts on “Tari Tari 08 — St. Wakana the Blessed Virgin

  1. Sawa exploding at the other choir club was just the result of misplaced anger, which actually lost points for me. Lol although I do agree with you on the last episode, the other choir club is exaggerating the seriousness of what they do. Maybe it’s because I’m well past my high school days and know that nobody gives a fuck what you did in high school. Lol it reminds me of the lyrics of a Family Guy episode: “High school is such a serious thing. These problems matter.”

    1. Oh, yeah. I also agree with you on the inane dialogue. It’s dripping with forced sentimentality that it comes off as hollow. And we’re suppose to believe these are the heartfelt confessions that change people’s minds? It worked on the Vice-Principal twice (once in episode 2, where she whipped the music out of Konatsu’s hand, only to give it back 30 seconds later; once again here). It just feels so artificial and calculated that I’m facepalming (it’s a minor step better than barfing, but just as bad).

      1. Exactly. It feels completely forced and fake. This is probably the worst thing that can happen to any show, but particularly a show focused on the drama.

    2. Misplaced? Sure, she wasn’t really angry at them, but they definitely deserved some anger. They’ve been being jerks for the last couple of episodes.

      And yeah, I finished high school a while ago too and can’t take this seriously at all. I couldn’t at the time either though…

  2. More importantly, why did they skip the singing? For a show about a choir club and singing there sure isn’t much on the repertoire. This is worse than Sakamichi :/

  3. I’m increasingly disappointed w/ animation quality. Like in Another the characters move awkwardly and their heads are out of proportion. All faces look the same w/ these pointed chins. They also have far too many loops (e.g. how the characters move when sitting on that bench in the ED, it looks super cheap). While I appreciate the effort to animate a galloping horse it looked unintentionally comical how the horse turned left. Worst thing though are the characters’ non-existent noses. From the front it looks fine but in profile they look like someone cut their nose off.

    This of course is criticism based on the quality standard expected from P.A. Works. The series still looks better than most of the other fare. It’s just no match to HanaIro.

    1. Yeah, this show has definitely not been up to snuff for the animation quality PA usually delivers. It still has that same light feel as Hanasaku Iroha, but there’s definitely been a drop in quality.

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