The Honor at Magic High School Review — F-

As some of you may recall, the original Mahouka was so awful I had to create a new rating category of F-. This one was even worse! I thought about making an F–.

This is purportedly a spin-off focusing Miyuki and her female friends from the first series. However, this is very misleading. Because what do Miyuki and friends spend the entirety of the show doing? Talking about how much they want Tatsuya’s amazing dick!!! What’s more, you would think a “spin-off” would want to tell a different story from the original. With Mahouka, however, you’d be wrong! It is exactly the same story as the first show but worse, with pretty much the same events to boot! I’m amazed how they managed to take Mahouka and make it even worse. Some real talent there.

To make things EVEN WORSE, half of the show is a repeat of the magical high school Olympics from the first season. If you wiped this from your memory or were smart enough to never watch Mahouka in the first place, well, you’re in luck, because the second half of my review was on this very subject! And it is exactly the same in this spinoff.

Fortunately, the show rebounds for a bit of a high when Tatsuya murders in cold blood the evil Chinese who tried to cheat in the high school sports festival because they bet 100 million dollars against the favorites. They truly deserved it for trying to cheat against his sister in the Olympics. When will they recognize that the Japanese are simply superior due to genetics? Fools.

  • Storytelling – F – Awwwful
  • Voice – F – Super racist
  • Characters – F – Truly despicable people who are supposed to be the good guys
  • Attention Grab –F – Bored me out of my mind
  • Production – F – Everyone who contributed to this project should be ashamed of themselves. I doubt you had to do this.
  • Overall – F-

Recommendations – I enjoyed this article about what to do with people like this

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