The Week in Anime, Winter 2014 #1

Ok so it’s more like the month in anime now but whatever.


Nou-rin: Been watching this with the good folks at Classy. I’m almost ashamed to say it but I’ve really enjoyed this show. It’s much better than Queen’s Blade, Senran Kagura, and Oreimo at least. The episodes with the panties and the planting contest that turned into a mud wrestling match were particularly entertaining. If you’re going to make a perverted harem show, you should go all the way and make it extraordinarily perverted and extraordinarily stupid. Nou-rin does so and I approve. Also Hanazawa Kana’s character is amazing.

Witch Craft Works: AJ wrote a great post on how this is basically a shoujo manga but with the boy and girls’ roles reserved. I hadn’t realized this until she point it out, but I am in complete agreement. This is probably why I hate Kaguri so much. She’s the demure, wonderful man who loves the heroine devotedly for no apparent reason. This is the one show in which I’m hoping for the incest ending.

Hamatora: Wow this is boring. Why haven’t I dropped this yet?


Mikakunin de Shinkoukeki: I hated the first episode. But people told me it was good, and I kept watching. The show has grown on me more and more each week. That’s not to say I actually like it, but I don’t hate it anymore either. It’s inoffensive and mildly entertaining. The sister makes things more interesting. The romance angle still sucks, but I’m not convinced anymore that it’s even supposed to be a romance.

Strike the Blood: Still the most generic fantasy anime ever, but hey, I like that shit.

Mahou Sensou: Ugliest anime since Accel World? Some of the dumbest characters and the dumbest dialogue I’ve ever seen. Equally generic as strike the blood, but ups the idiocy to new levels previously unimagined by humanity.

Seitokai Yakuindomo: I find myself fast-forwarding through larger and larger portions of each successive episode. Might have been more entertaining if they hadn’t made a million OVAs. As it is all the same jokes have worn out their welcome long ago.

Log Horizon: I’m loving this new arc so much more than the last couple. Now that there’s actually a threat, all this politicking has consequences. The princess is an interesting character too, especially with the glasses guy leading her around all the time.


Nisekoi: Finally Ruri appears. Instantly a million times better. Even Shaft couldn’t screw that one up.

Z/X Ignition: This is going to remain lame until the loli with the fire-breathing mecha T-Rex shows up again. So much stupid drama and feels right now instead of the characters doing what they ought to be doing, killing each other.

Space Dandy: Yeah, still cannot get interested in this. I tend to dislike episodic shows which are essentially resets after every episode.

Inari, Kon Kon, Koi Iroha: This is my favorite new show of the season. It’s absolutely adorable. And it has some excellent shipping (Onii-sama X Kami-sama foreverz). Reminds me of Gingitsune, but in addition to the excellent human drama (not instead of, in addition to) the show also sports a great sense of humor.

Wizard Barristers: Everything related to the trials is absolutely retarded. As far as I can tell, they are decided by who can scream the loudest. And Cecil is stupid too. The girl is a defense lawyer, and she throws a tantrum when it turns out that one of her clients might have actually committed a crime? Um, girl, your job is to defend people who are accused of committing crimes. This is why fifteen year old girls should not be allowed to become lawyers, even if they pass the bar exam. The fighting with magic is cool though. And the frog when he shows up and commits crimes, but we haven’t seen him much lately…

D-Frag!: I like the manga so much I would love this show no matter what. The presentation is fairly stiff though. Sadly it reminds me a bit of the Medaka Box anime. Not nearly as atrocious though.


Nobunagun: Oh Gandhi you pervert…

6 thoughts on “The Week in Anime, Winter 2014 #1

    1. I wholeheartedly agree. The reasons for the ship are 3 fold:
      1) Onii-chan has no ambition or designs on Uka-sama’s divine power
      2) Both are delusional (Onii-chan and his drama, and Uka-sama and her perceived sexual advances) – therefore similar personalities
      3) Uka-sama is fairly comfortable with Onii-chan and vice versa

      1. Agree with #1 and #3, but I think Uka-sama is not deluded in thinking her brother is making sexual advances, if this is what you’re referring to.

    2. I’m pretty sure everyone who’s watching this show is shipping them, but yes. 🙂 Then again maybe this is just me falsely ascribing some minimum amount of good taste to the rest of humanity.

  1. Strike the Blood is actually more interesting in recent episode. Rather than stupid girl of the week formula, we get to see a crazy flaming monk. Also crazy chinese guy. Crazy obaa-san in pointy hat.

    Mahou Sensou, on the other hand, has really stupid rivalry between the loli and the fake lover. Their idiocy reminded me of Shana and Yoshida Kazumi. I really want to strangle these idiots.

    Oh, other than the obvious pairing, I want to see Somizome-san get it on with the tomboy friend. Too bad the anime only has 10 episode.

    1. Yeah, all those characters die off / get sent back to prison immediately though. Still, are amusing as they last.

      Mahou Sensou’s idiocy goes way beyond Shana’s. In Shana the basic setup at least sort of makes sense, just it takes bloody forever to resolve. Wouldn’t mind the tomboy getting it on either. 🙂

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