Tiger and Bunny — First Impression

Tiger and Bunny has a strange premise: superheroes competing in a reality TV show to become the “King of Heroes” and bring fame to their sponsors. Based on the first episode, it’s actually looking quite promising: characters which are certainly not your typical superheroes, intensive and well-animated action scenes, and a healthy dose of cynicism. At this point the closest thing I would compare it to is Starship Operators, although I don’t quite feel that Tiger and Bunny will reach the same level of seriousness.

The show seems to be building up a bunch of intrigue and exploring a bunch of different directions, so it’s hard to say where the main focus will be. But we have already have Tiger’s personal life (he’s definitely not going to keep that promise with his daughter), the relationships between the superheroes, the shake-ups in the corporate hierarchy and the station management, the ethical questions raised by vigilante justice and a “justice” system which values both capturing criminals and commercial time more than the lives of civilians, and the behind the scenes intrigue of Sky High’s backers colluding with criminals to win the competition. It definitely a lot of promising directions to explore, so this show is one to watch.

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