Tiger and Bunny Review — B+

In Tiger and Bunny, a group of superheroes defends the city from criminals, but with a twist— the heroes compete for points on a reality TV show. Our hero, Kotetsu, is a middle aged man, a single father whose daughter doesn’t know he is a hero. He gains a new partner, Barnaby, who he begins to fight crime with. But the crime may reach deeper than he believes…

Much of the show is spent developing the individual heroes. Everyone except Rock Bison gets their turn in the sun, and in general, the show does quite well at it. Blue Rose is a bit frustrating, as she’s in love with someone twenty years her senior, but it isn’t too much of an issue. Kotetsu in particular stands out. He’s kind of a loser, but is very personable, and his kindness and commitment manage to earn everyone’s respect. His occasional bursts of idiocy manage to keep things entertaining as well.

The rest of the show is spent unearthing a criminal conspiracy surrounding Barnaby’s past. It was suspenseful, with many twists and turns, and thoroughly satisfying.

The ending was a let-down, as the creators were absorbed in advertising the sequel, but otherwise Tiger and Bunny was one of the most solid series of the season.

  • Plot / Script – B – Compelling, with many twists and turns.
  • Characters – B – Kotetsu is one of the best characters of the year, although the others were somewhat lacking.
  • Production – A – Very consistent.
  • Overall – B+

Recommendations – Starship Operators

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