Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S — First Impressions



I think this show is brilliant. It takes what was a typical shounen action show and turns it into a typical shounen action show with LESBIANS. Genius.

The first episode contains a bit of everything fans of the series remember. Teleporting, railgunning, evil psychotic lesbians, skirt-flippings, Kuroko, etc. My only minor complaint is that I don’t remember the girl in the hospital and her friend at all.

8 thoughts on “Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S — First Impressions

  1. The girl in the hospital (Edasaki Banri) was one of the children in the child error class of Kiyama Harumi (the woman with the bags under her eyes). In the last arc of the previous season they saved these children from that experiment that went out of hand.
    The other girl (Haruue Erii) is the telepath who had contact with Banri while she and the other children were unconscious.

    I’m really enjoyed this first episode. It presented most of the important characters and they really showed off Biribiri. (Yessss!)
    I just hope that they will keep the whole thing serious when they start the Sisters Arc. In the manga that one was really intense and hopefully they will keep this up in the adaption.

    1. How does this Sisters Arc relate to the 1st season of Index? I thought they reached a finale with them. Is this going to be an extension of it, or something new?

      1. It will probably show us the Sister Arc of Index, from Mikoto’s (and maybe Accelerator’s) perspective. At least that’s how it is in the Manga.

    2. Ah, thank you! I do remember that crazy doctor and her experiment.

      Seriously, Biribiri is the only reason I watch this. Will look forward to the Sisters Arc, I haven’t read the manga.

  2. Teleporting, railgunning, evil psychotic lesbians, skirt-flippings, Kuroko, etc. = Railgun summed up nicely!

    Hooray Misaka and friends are back! I am so excited for this and who could pass up more Saten? I know I can not, but I am curious to see where the story goes because this was from what I can remember ripped out of the manga and the blonde girl Misaki I could talk about her, but I shall avoid spoilers xD

    The opening oh my god the opening! SO FANTASTIC also Accelerator and more shots of the other level 5’s I hope we get to see the other four in this second season.

    And the hospital girl is a survivor of the ESP experimental arc and I think she is a childhood friend of Erii Haruue who spent her time with Saten and Uiharu around episode 12 – end? I barely remember her as well…

    1. Yes haha Saten is great. She should really be the main character, not Misaka.

      I guess next episode I will refrain from skipping the opening if it’s so good…

  3. Seeing Biri-Biri again in a new season of Railgun almost brough tears to my eyes. And from what I’ve read in the internet there will even ben an interesting plot focussing on the Misaka imouto’s. Very promising!

    1. Yes! Biri-biri! I’m hoping Touma makes more appearances as well, I get this perverse satisfaction watching Kuroko react to his existence.

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