Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE


Just finished playing this game. It’s a Fire Emblem and SMT crossover so I had to try it (Tokyo Mirage Sessions is SMT backwards! Get it? Almost as clever as Aquarion EVOL. Then add a hashtag and wow that’s a clever title).

Every crossover I’ve ever played has sucked, but this one was surprisingly pretty decent. Very polished, pretty good gameplay. The combat is essentially the Persona combat system, where you have to take advantage of the opponents’ weaknesses and boost your own stats, so nothing to complain about there.

It was pretty weird as a crossover though. Because it’s essentially just a Persona game. There’s nothing Fire Emblem like about it. Except instead of demons, you fight with Fire Emblem characters. Which is easy to forget since the Fire Emblem characters don’t even have faces. What’s weird is that they seem to have intentionally removed the best parts of the Persona games: the demon fusions and all the interesting characters. They also removed the best parts of the fire emblem games: the strategic combat and the shipping.

Instead of an epic save the world Fire Emblem story or an epic save the world while delving into the depths of your psyche, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE tells a story about idols.

Yeah, fuck that shit. The story was retarded. I couldn’t care less about any of the characters, except for Ellie, because she was obviously a poser and was so pathetic I couldn’t help but like her. The main character was especially boring— and the game presented this as a virtue.

In summary: nowhere near as good as Persona. Nowhere near as good as Fire Emblem. But still pretty okay.

2 thoughts on “Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

  1. It gave me the SMT combat that I needed until February. Not sure if I’ll play SMT4: Apocalypse unless it is vastly different from SMT4

    1. Apparently it’s a completely different story with improved gameplay. I want to play it, but I also haven’t finished the first game…

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