Utawarerumono — First Impressions



Well, from what I recall, it’s already off to a much better start than the original series. Not that that’s saying much. The main reason is that, as opposed to the heroine in the original who had the personality of a doorknob, this girl’s pretty great. I especially liked the bath scene.


Never thought I’d say I liked a bath scene in anime, but the way this one reversed the roles was pretty entertaining. Especially how I would have never expected it from her in a million years at first glance. She’s much better at hiding her perverted side than the typical male anime character.

2 thoughts on “Utawarerumono — First Impressions

    1. No. It’s a separate story from Utawarerumuno, which aired in 2006 based on a video game. The full title of this is Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen, which is based on the recently released sequel video game. So far there are completely different characters, although the setup with a man who lost his memory and all the furry girls is the same.

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