Valvrave the Liberator 04 — Liberation


666 / 100


Great question. Maybe. But hey, rationality and logic are overrated. I get enough of that everyday. I don’t need that crap creeping into my cartoons.


But even I have to admit that this whole independence / blackmail thing is dumb in a bad way. Weren’t they already independent? How do you become independent if you were in the first place? It seems more like they’re declaring independence from JIOR than from the two countries who are supposedly their enemies. I’m sure Shoko’s dad’s going to be delighted to hear his daughter is leading a rebellion. Oh wait I take it all back this is going to be awesome.


Still this whole scene came across as pretty corny.

Further Thoughts

The rest of the episode was up to the usual standards of awesomeness, however. We start off with a soldier getting into Valvrave’s cockpit and turning into a puff pastry.


How does Shoko prove she’s telling the truth? By stripping! Of course! Anime…


Last week was Rukino’s turn, now Shouko finally gets her chance at bondage play with Haruto.

Of course the best lines all go to the senator:



Ahahahaha what…..! From savior of the world to mass murderer in twenty seconds flat! This is like Euphemia but without the mind control.



Shit what a great response. I’m going to have to remember that one…


Oh L-Elf… NTR’ed by Shouko. And he likes it.

13 thoughts on “Valvrave the Liberator 04 — Liberation

  1. that moses line was the funniest shit i have heard this entire season; yup, im pretty sure this show is meant to be a comedy hahaha…all jokes aside as many flaws as this show has i cant help but be entertained by it…then again ill accept anything as long as im entertained

    1. Indeed, this is the second most entertaining series of the season next to Shingeki no Kyojin in my opinion. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  2. I don’t know whether to laugh or face palm.

    Will probably continue watching for the unintentional comedy.

  3. ^
    No, it’s intentional. Only that it doesn’t work for me.

    Also, Shouko, if you want to prove your purity, you should strip your bottom clothes instead. Heh.

  4. When the students were yelling for independence, it sounded like they were saying “One Piece! One Piece! One Piece!” over and over. Looks like they’re on a course for the Grand Line?

  5. Hah, hah, hah! Now that I actually watched the episode, I gotta say…
    If people can’t see the gold in that Moses line then they should drop this show now. Meanwhile we’ll continue to have fun. A concept anime watchers seemed to forget long ago. Anyway, I’m okay with the independence thing. As long as no one is alternating between Jesus and Hitler every ten seconds, I’m cool.

    1. Yep, this show is great fun. If you have terrible taste and don’t enjoy fun you should have realized it by this point. Valvrave seems to at least be way more conscious of what it is than Guilty Crown was. I feel if they had the main character here alternate between Jesus and Hitler they would at least manage to make it funny.

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