Valvrave the Liberator 09 — TRRAANNSS-AAIINNAA


This week we move onto the traditional themes of accepting the importance of your own happiness, getting mad when other people decide to help you fight, and pink naked space ghosts. All of these are necessary in any mecha anime, so it’s no surprise they’re making an appearance in Valvrave.


Valvrave’s unique twist on it is that the guy gets rejected by the dead girl. A bit different from Setsuna F. Seiei’s girlfriend who waited for him until she was eighty something to make love to his hot metal body.

We get two new robots. The coolest is the gangster guy’s:




Yeah that pretty much sums up why Valvrave is awesome right there. He rips the thing in half with his bare hands, then blasts it to pieces with lasers. Pretty sweet. And then when it seems like things can’t get any better, it turns out the new mecha actually has eight arms.


Oh wait, I stand corrected. She says this just when I was about to rewind to count, too! This show…

Further Thoughts


I crack up way more than I should while watching this.


Seriously… traditional jelly bar ration things… these people are geniuses.


Excellent translations for this guy’s lines.


Oh crap she’s hungry! Hungry for BLOOD!


Ahahhaha this guy is great. I love how no one gives a single shit about giving up their humanity except Haruto who has a martyr complex almost to the level of Setsuna F. Seiei over the whole thing.

> 666 / 100, as usual. Can’t wait till next week!

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