Valvrave the Liberator 14 — Orbital Re-entry, Powered by Siscon


Our hands of love can reach across all space and time…

Oh, Valrave… Why do I love you so much? This week, we have a crucial ingredient of all mecha anime, people turning into ghosts and holding giant robot hands while confessing their love while burning up in the atmosphere. Too bad they didn’t turn pink and naked, but I guess you can’t use up all your good ideas in the first couple of episodes. Have to save something for the finale.

We also had a power-up for the robot completed in the middle of an orbital re-entry, and a crash landing in enemy territory. Which Eru-Erufu’s princess witnesses from her window and comments on how pretty it was. Oh, Valvrave… In some sense it has to be the purest of all mecha anime.

We also get some classic Code Geass style trickery through mind control.


Of course, everyone needs some tragic backstory. This week it’s EVIL PARENTS. If my parents looked like that I’d be freaking out too, so I can’t blame the kids at all.


Can’t wait until Marie gets her turn in the spotlight. She’s already the best character, and she’s hardly done anything. I bet she’s actually some Dorssian princess, or the president of America (or whatever it’s called in Valvrave)’s daughter. I want to ship her with Eru-Erufu, but he already has his hands full with Haruto and Shoko. I guess he could always go for the harem end, I don’t think I’d mind that.


Finally, I like how the new weapon liquidizes enemies into magma. Now THAT is overheating.

11 thoughts on “Valvrave the Liberator 14 — Orbital Re-entry, Powered by Siscon

  1. Marie is actually L-Elf’s mother who was involved in the Valvrave project. Before she were assasinated by Prue she used her Magius body swap ability to enter Marie, the daughter of one of other scientists who for some reason were at the lab that day. Marie will end up on a farm with A-drei where they produce tea and breed horses.

  2. So they can still take people over. Guess they didn’t drop that after all. Does this mean the student body president will stop being such a useless tool? My bets are on no.

    I want an episode that just follows the Dorsia pilots around while they chill on Earth. The best part of the episode was Metal Gear Valvrave. Marie and L-Elf should totally get together, they’re the most hardcore cool people on this show. That girl could give less of a shit, I love it.

    1. They just drop it when it’s inconvenient. 🙂

      He’ll always be a useless tool. But it’s okay, because he has his FAMILY.

      Watching the Dorssia pilots chill would be hilarious. I was originally shipping Marie and Eru-Erufu a bit, but now that I’ve realized Marie is his mother I’m not so sure.

  3. Quite possibly my favorite episode of the series so far, and maybe favorite anime episode of the year. Everything about this little story was just perfect. When was the last time I was this pumped up about an anime episode?!? Well, it was probably Valvrave ep 4, LOL. I love this series so much! Satomi and Akira are such great characters! 😀
    Random side characters in one of the most ridiculous anime in years, and I am literally tensing up and with bated breath anticipating each and every scene that happens in this episode. Yes, Valvrave wears it’s giant heart of cheese right on its sleeve (probably one on BOTH sleeves), but I’m still going to argue the story is legitimately handled very well. I really cared about what was happening for poor School President-kun and found myself genuinely worried about what was going to happen with him. That’s not something I can say about a lot of anime characters–even protagonists over the full course of their respective shows.

    Random Aside: Akira sneaking around in a cardboard box in zero G! You can’t get this anywhere else!

    1. For me the last time I was this pumped up about an anime episode was Valvrave episode 13. But yes I love this show too! It does make you care about the characters despite how cheesy they are and how they’re sneaking around in cardboard boxes without pants in zero G. Nowhere but Valvrave.

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