Watamote 12 — She’s Always so Determined to do Something


We’ll end the show by putting Tomoko’s condition in the most charitable light possible.

The girl does have a point though. Tomoko realizes she has a problem. And she always is trying to do something about it. That’s admirable.

Where things go wrong are that Tomoko always tries to do the wrong thing. She always thinks there’s going to be some easy, magical solution. If she had just joined a different club, or killed the cockroach, her life would be wonderful in every way. People seem to have an unfortunate tendency to think this way.


The cockroach scene was very well done. But wow, I’ve never seen such a big group of wusses in my entire life.

6 thoughts on “Watamote 12 — She’s Always so Determined to do Something

      1. No, it’s a parody of the manga Terra ForMars, where a group of genetically-enhanced humans fight anthropomorphic cockroaches on Mars. It’s a very good sci-fi manga, I definitely reccomend it.

    1. I think so too, actually, since they made the cockroach into a human form halfway, and the way it was gliding through the desks reminded me of AoT.
      Also, when Tomoko daydreams about doing Purikuras, they do the AoT salute.
      There were a looooot of references in this episode.

  1. Actually never understood why she wasn’t applauded for getting rid of the cockroach, if that happened with a spider in my class people would’ve probably been cheering. But we don’t get cockroaches where I’m from so maybe I don’t understand just how gross they are.

    1. We get cockroaches where I’m from… they are really not that big a deal. Not sure why everyone would freak out, either from the cockroach or from her stepping on it.

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