Witch Craft Works Review — D


A witch protects a boy from a bunch of idiots.

This is a weird show. The two main characters have no personalities whatsoever. The lead female is supposed to be a perfect person who’s good at everything but never talks. The male lead is bland and spineless. Many people have said that this is essentially a gender-swapped shoujo romance. I think they’re onto something. Because I hate this show for the same reason I hate shoujo romances. I couldn’t care less about the characters because they bore me to tears.


The show is all the weirder because the rest of the cast is pretty interesting. The imouto and the villains are quite entertaining. A good portion of the “villains” are running gags who are quite funny. The show also has amusing battles between enormous stuffed animals.

Still, nothing the show offers makes up for how dull the main characters are.

  • Storytelling – C – Good sense of humor, cool fights.
  • Voice – B – Very weird and unique with the stuffed animals and goofy villains.
  • Characters – F – Hate the main characters passionately.
  • Attention Grab – C – Could pay attention when the side characters were there.
  • Production – B – Looks fine.
  • Overall – D

Recommendations – You don’t want to watch anything else like this, trust me.

4 thoughts on “Witch Craft Works Review — D

  1. Stopped watching this at episode 1 since I can’t stand the dull main character and the main girl. The killer bunnies are not interesting too. Some people think that this show is not bad, though?

  2. My favorite scene is the wrestling scene is the wrestling (or boxing, or whatever) scene between the giant bear and rabbit. Even then, the show still bores the hell out of me, other than being pretty.

    1. Yeah that was pretty good! My favorite parts mostly involved Imouto… For once I shipped the Imouto over the main girl…

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