World Trigger — First Impressions


Monsters attack. Kids fight them.

This has to be the most incompetent introductory episode I have ever seen.


We start off with several minutes of zero animation as a narrator explains terminology. We are literally presented with cardboard character cutouts over a background. Then an extra character fades in (they don’t even bother changing shots or animating any thing). The narrator a says “A mysterious group drove off the invaders and delivered a message.” Then there is a pause, the additional character fades in, and says the message. Without even moving his lips.

This is representative of the rest of the episode as well.

Clearly whoever made this has no hopes or dreams whatsoever. They aren’t even trying.

2 thoughts on “World Trigger — First Impressions

  1. When they showed only the aftermath of the car crash instead of the actual car crash I was like “OH COME ON! CAN’ T YOU DO ANY FUCKING BETTER THAN THIS ON YOUR FIRST EPISODE?”. This was… sad. Dropped mid-episode.

    By the way, did you check out Shingeki no Bahamut yet? I seem to remember you like fantasy, which means it is right up your alley. Epic dragon fights, check; awesome animation, check; original characters with no teens in sight, check; unusual fantasy-meets-western setting, check. It’s a feast for the eyes, truly.

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