Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru — First Impressions


The middle school hero club becomes heroes.


I was moments away from dropping this show when the apocalypse happened.

Things improved markedly then.

Still, for this season (which has some pretty tough competition) this show is just a bit below average I would say. The second half doesn’t change the fact that the first half was pretty boring. I suspect we’ll see more school life along those lines too.

Also, the battle wasn’t particularly great either. Pink’s speech was quite annoying. Wheelchair is best girl, but she was pretty lame in this episode, just sitting in the corner crying.

If I wrote this show the first episode would be so much better. They’d have five minutes of being best friends, then they would be summoned into the other world. Twintails would pretend she didn’t know what was going on. While the loli was being tentacle raped by a monster, wheelchair girl would, panicking, try to call for help on her cellphone, and accidentally become a hero. Her wheelchair would get rocket boosters and she would demolish the monster, catching the loli in her arms. The loli would have all her clothes torn off and people could lesbian ship them. Pink would be jealous. Then in latter episodes we would learn that twintails is actually the ultimate villain who is sending the monsters to destroy the world, and trying to stop Team Wheelchair. Loli would be torn between her love for Onee-chan and her yuri love for Wheelchair. Then wheelchair would die tragically, saving the world, and Pink and Loli would have to fight together despite their mutual hatred. They learn to love one another. Next, Loli kills Onee-chan, and she dies in her arms. Then Loli despairs and destroys the world herself. Pink wishes she had twintails, because then the world would have been saved.

7 thoughts on “Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru — First Impressions

  1. This is standard mahou shoujo stuff.
    Nothing new here.
    Moving on.

    Unless someone’s head got chomped off in third episode.
    I sure don’t see wheelchair girl in the opening song.

  2. The first half of the series makes you attached to the characters so you can actually feel something when bad things happen to them, and there are a lot. I love suffering magical girls, so I enjoyed the finale a lot.

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