Yuru Camp — First Impressions

Cute girls go camping.

I really liked this. As I mentioned for the Antarctica show, I love camping. So yeah. Totally my thing.

Although honestly I’m more into backpacking. The camping with other people in a big parking lot next to all the stupid RVs and obnoxious kids and building fires I’m not as into. I’ve been known to just not bother with the tent and sleep in a field on a tarp. For the car camping, it’s more just a convenient place to stay as I do the things I actually want to during the day.

But, great first episode! Both of the girls introduced so far seem like interesting characters, and it should be good seeing them get closer. The story was told very well, I was quite engaged and was surprised when the episode ended. Normally I’m bored with these kinds of shows so that’s a good sign.

On the negative side, it looks like next week we’ll start with some school club nonsense. And I suspect as more characters get added it’s possible this could lose focus on the camping. Also, the OP totally sounds like a ripoff of ABC by the Jackson 5…?

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