Zetsuen no Tempest 09 — Negotiations

Now this is how you negotiate.

The congressional Republicans get this. The Democrats are worse at negotiating than anyone in this show.

That’s how you make deals. When you’re pointing your guns over the negotiating table.

So this episode ended, and… what exactly happened? Mahiro revealed that he will soon reveal something. Whoop dee doo.

This is the most incorrect statement made in this entire show.

I love Samon’s thoughts here. He’s completely right too.

Seriously. Grow up, kids. And quoting Shakespeare doesn’t make you sound smart, just pretentious. Shakespeare was for the riff-raff in the mobs, not the intelligentsia anyway.

4 thoughts on “Zetsuen no Tempest 09 — Negotiations

  1. I do firmly believe this was the episode where the series became self-aware. It’s still gonna give us romantic drama and pretentious quotes, but at least it isn’t taking itself quite as seriously as some of us thought.

    1. I hope you’re right… still seems like it’s taking itself way too seriously for me. But it’s definitely WAY better than No. 6 at least, looking on the bright side.

  2. Give Shakespeare some credit. I wasn’t a huge fan of Hamlet, but Macbeth was pretty awesome. That being said, the way this show is handling its Shakespearean influences is killing me. They’re starting to break through the fourth wall, and that is not going to end well for a show like this.

    It’s too bad. This show didn’t have to do a lot to for me to like it, but they’ve done just about everything wrong. This episode was drawn out and didn’t really do much to advance the plot, and I don’t think the next episode is going to be much better. The last thing this show needs is a time paradox.

    1. I liked both Hamlet and Macbeth, but that doesn’t mean I go around randomly quoting from them. 🙂 It’s annoying.

      I kind of liked the time paradox— I mean, it’s the most interesting thing the show’s done so far. But still, nothing much did happen this episode.

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