Zetsuen no Tempest 10 — Bluffing

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I’ve been ripping on this show a lot, but I actually liked this episode. A big part of that was that it had no Shakespeare quotes.

The whole time Yoshino was giving his speech, I was thinking “this is totally BS! I can’t believe this speech would convince anyone!”

And then it didn’t end up convincing anyone. The characters don’t act like morons, which it seemed like they were being set up to do. Samon said exactly what I was thinking, and Mahiro agrees with him.

And as I was watching and thinking, I came up with this theory: what if Hakaze hadn’t traveled through time? What if she’d just been unconscious for exactly two years? Given the presence of magic in this world, it didn’t seem too infeasible. Much less ridiculous than time travel, at the very least.

It turned out that my theory was right! Yoshino proposed the same thing, and Samon had no rebuttal. Ha! I solved the mystery! I’m a genius, I thought to myself.

But then it turned out that Yoshino’s theory wasn’t true. Yoshino didn’t even believe it himself. In retrospect, I have to wonder if the show goaded me into making this guess, even before Yoshino explicitly said it. Did they present just the right clues at just the right time to guide my mind down this chain of thoughts? If so, brilliantly done. Regardless of whether it was intentional or not, the way the unraveling of the mystery matched my own thought process made the episode seem uncannily perceptive.

Samon finally finds a way to prove that Hakaze is from the past— by having her write a message on the barrel. I think I was supposed to get something out of this message— who is Ariel? They haven’t mentioned it yet, but I’m pretty sure this message will lay the grounds for Samon’s defeat (combined with the fact that Hakaze hasn’t given up hope). Samon doesn’t seem to realize it, but he just proved that they can still change the past. Which means they can prevent Hakaze from dying.

A couple final thoughts: why does it take longer for fighter jets to arrive than it takes tanks? And damn, Samon has an awful poker face.

5 thoughts on “Zetsuen no Tempest 10 — Bluffing

    1. So is the relationship between Ariel and Prospero suppose to mimic the relationship between Yoshino and Hakane? I don’t know much about the play so this speculation is based purely off of reading the synopsis on Wikipedia, but it definitely opens the door to a lot of other interpretation.

  1. I’m surprised you actually enjoyed this episode in particular. For me, this was probably the worst episode yet. Nobody would shut up and just let the plot move forward so we essentially had twenty minutes of pointless narration. The most entertaining parts of the episode were Samon’s hilariously melodramatic reactions to Yoshino and Mahiro. Other than that, what really happened?

    1. Yeah, there was a lot of talking and not much really happened. But for once I actually found the discussion interesting. Still not the best of episodes, but pretty good by this show’s standards.

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