Zettai Karen Children THE UNLIMITED — First Impression


Everyone’s favorite esper lolicon blows stuff up.

This is a prequel to Zettai Karen Children, which is a comedy about three little girls with psychic powers. Not a terrible show, but not anything great either. Not exactly what I would have expected to get a follow-up.

The lead character is the main villain of the first show. He was the best character in that show, so they did pick the right topic for a follow-up.

The first episode was decent, even if I wasn’t blown away. It seems like this will be focused on the action and political intrigue rather than be a comedy.

I’ll keep watching.

9 thoughts on “Zettai Karen Children THE UNLIMITED — First Impression

  1. I found this quite fun, to my pleasant surprise. I’ll be curious to see what this show does with its antagonist protagonist. :> Love that condescending smile of his. And hey, you get a little chibi keychain of him if you join his organization, apparently.

    Don’t know anything about the original series. Looking at the promo art, I’m not sure it would really be my sort of show anyways.

    1. Oh, he’s not really much of an antagonist. Unless being a raging lolicon is evil. The original series is entirely a comedy.

  2. I’ve not seen the original series but picked this up this season, enjoying it so far and since I keep coming across good things about the original I’ll have to add that to me plan to watch list :S Now I need to find another few hours in the day… Any ideas? 🙂

    1. Original’s decent but nothing great, much more comedic than this newer series. It had its good points though. I need to find a few more hours in each day myself…

  3. I’ve seen the both shows and I will say that this one is over 10x better just in its few episodes. Its more gritty, dark, and realistic than the original show, which was pretty much Powerpuff Girls with another name.

    By the way, The Unlimited isn’t a prequel, but comes after ZKC. How much after no one knows, but you can tell that Hyoubu’s much more powerful now than he was in that show (and he was plenty powerful in that one) and they’ve had the Catastrophe for a while, which they only get at the end of the final episode of ZKC. He doesn’t even create PANDRA until the near the middle of the series.

    1. It’s definitely more gritty dark and realistic, but the original ZKC was intended to be pretty much the opposite of those three adjectives, so I’m not going to hold that against it. It’s more just which type of show you’re in the mood for…

      Ahh, coming after makes more sense, especially with how Miyamoto showed up now. I didn’t think he was that old… I watched the original when it came out five years, so I’ve completely forgotten all the details.

  4. I’ve started with the anime today and watched te first 3 episodes and i must say it is better then average. I wonder how less originality the anime has got but i like to figuer out from where they take their ideas 😀

    PS: sry for my average english

    1. Yeah I’m impressed with this show so far. Episode four was the best so far, in my opinion, so you have that to look forward to.

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