ZX – Code Reunion — First Impressions

Cute girls go to school and fight or something.

As possibly the only person who finished the original show, I feel uniquely qualified to comment on this.

It sucked. I could barely even pay enough attention to finish the first episode.

Just look at these character designs… come on.

3 thoughts on “ZX – Code Reunion — First Impressions

  1. i have a brand new anime or manga featuring a normal thirteen year old boy named Adam Lee he lives in Tokyo Japan his dad is a archaeologist he goes around the world bringing unique artifacts to study his name is Dr Seth Lee Adam’s mom is a typical housewife named Ruth Lee.

  2. we see Seth bringing home a vase inside the vase is a spirit named Evangelina she was a slave living thousand of years ago she died from abuse from her master named prince Robert her ashes were put in this vase and she resided in this vase until Adam removed the lid on top of the vase setting her free.

  3. we see Evangelina has pale light white skin very long red hair and brown eyes she wears a brown ragged torn tunic she has white cotton cloth bandages to bind her chest and a white loincloth underneath. she has black sandals.

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