Aldnoah Zero 20 — Slaine is Trash and Makes Girls Cry


Wow. I hate Slaine 100%, but even I didn’t expect him to say that the Earth is inhabited by vulgar trash. Hot damn.


He also makes Lemrina cry. WORST PERSON EVER. Lemrina would be so much happier with pretty much anybody else. But Slaine is a hottie, I’ll give him that.


Yeahhhh no you don’t give a crap Slaine. Maybe you could have thought about how she wanted there to be peace and for the earth to be free. But nope you’re busy expending all your efforts helping to conquer them! Moron.

Oh yeah and she’d also be happy if you told her the truth and let her go so she could try to bring about peace once more.


But nope! You’re lying to her and praying her memory never returns so you can keep her locked up in your castle as your pet forever! This guy’s not fooling anyone but herself. (Oh and the maid but she’s unbelievably stupid so that doesn’t really count.)

I am happy though that things are starting to move along. This was one of the few episodes where we weren’t killing time having Inaho fight some random enemy of the week. Although we did need to have Inaho go into the cockpit and tell everyone how to do their jobs, since he has the power of SCIENCE on his side.

7 thoughts on “Aldnoah Zero 20 — Slaine is Trash and Makes Girls Cry

  1. While I’m not necessarily glad about how it came about (Inaho taking over the function of all the ships navigational equipment [meh]) I’m glad that Inaho now seems somewhat seriously impaired by that all seeing eye of his.

    1. Wait he’s impaired by it? I think I missed something. I thought his magic eye just saved their ship.

      But there was something about how if he relies on it too much he’ll turn into a robot. I doubt we could tell the difference though.

  2. The Earth is inhabited by Inaho.
    Inaho lusts after Slaine’s beloved Princess.
    Hence, the Earth is inhabited by vulgar trash.

    That is what we call a “slainelogysm”.

      1. Considering how that one person may be the only member of the entire population able to do anything or display any sort of competence, and basically the only reason why that population altogether hasn’t already been driven to extinction or stuffed into concentration camps by their Martian overlords, though, he may have a point.

    1. Lol sounds about right. Except I think it’s more that Slaine’s beloved Princess lusts after Inaho.

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