Another 11 — People Die

Hell yeah! This is exactly what I wanted from Another (although I didn’t know it until after the fact). Killer rampages, and death, death, and more death!

It’s still completely ridiculous, but this episode was enjoyably so. I was even an eensie bit frightened: I’ll admit that I jumped when he was about to enter the dining room and that half dead guy grabbed his leg. Ok, partially it’s because I turned up the volume ten times louder than usual, but still. I’ll give credit where credit is due. Good work, Another!

I think I’ve settled on my second favorite character of the show (next to Izumi, of course): the crazy girl with glasses. Yes! I have no idea why her face is covered in blood and why she went bonkers, but whatever! It’s all good! I approve.

And here’s my third favorite character. I love this shot of her peeking out the window. Of course I could tell she was going to fall to her death the moment she stuck her head out, but oh well. She was great while she lasted.

Her final pose was hilarious too. The funniest death award goes to the guy who opened the door and got charred by a giant fireball though.

Much of the story was still completely ridiculous. Like that guy getting a scratch in the leg. I’m sure it hurt, but come on. You think he could at least work up the energy to hop on one foot if he’s getting chased by a maniac intent on murdering him. This has to have been one of the slowest chase scenes ever. Can’t you walk any faster, lady?

And why did this lady start murdering people anyway? I can accept that the students are killing each other, but what does she have to do with anything? Well, whatever. It’s not like I’m watching this for the plot. It’s all for the comedy.  And Izumi, of course:

She’s finally lost it. Fortunately she was separated from Mei before she could do something regrettable.


Mei is starting to feel a bit more human. She actually becomes emotional when she sees people die. The last couple weeks she’d been feeling more and more out there, but now she seems to have decided to do something.

Emergency Preparedness

As much as I loved Izumi, she’s failed in her duty as head of countermeasures. Why? Because people are dying? No. Because no one in this entire class appears to know first aid or how to keep their head in an emergency. Well, it could be that they did keep their heads, and the problem is simply that they’re idiots, but still, you know what I mean. The first countermeasure that comes to mind to prevent people from dying in freak accidents is to teach them first aid.

Let’s see. You find a person half dead and bleeding on the floor. What do you do? Leave him behind and go peek inside the dining room. Well, since the dining room is on fire, that turned out to be a good idea after all. But normally you should stick with the guy.

Another example: the building is on fire. The fire alarm is broken. What do you do? Go politely and quietly knock on every door in the building to see if anyone is inside, waiting for everyone to open the doors even though they aren’t locked. You know, sometimes it pays to be a little less calm. Looking on the bright side, when you get home you can sue the asses off the building owners for violating the fire code.

Finally, these guys are all like deer in the headlights in the face of someone trying to kill them (except for our main character and Mei). Especially with that old lady. She has her back to you trying to get her skewer out of the wall. What do you do? Stare at her back. Come on guys, at least attempt to offer some resistance. You’re forty years younger than her and outnumber her two to one.

7 thoughts on “Another 11 — People Die

    1. Nah, that title would go to Milky Holmes, followed closely by Guilty Crown. It’s been a great season for comedy though.

  1. OH MY GOD THIS! Seriously one of the best episodes of Another thanks to death scene after crazy death scene, but the girl that fell out of the window? Wow just wow, I saw a screencap where they photo-shopped her into the Kill Me Baby ending video when the two main girls do the same pose.

    Soooo Mei was the extra student all along?! I guess that magic eye is a dead give away…anyway I can’t wait to see how things officially end <3

    1. Hahaha that video would be hilarious. I thought they said Mei wasn’t the extra student? Well, I guess I’ll see in a little bit.

  2. What a shame that Izumi looses her mind for the death of that friend of hers. The friend didn’t seem to be a very interesting person. My hope had been that Izumi would team up with the main couple.

    In any case I understood the job of head of countermeasures rather as trying to counter the curse itself as the calamity seems to be unstoppable once it has started. So a first aid training supposedly would not bring much benefit.

    Re your fourth picture from above: This position looks similar to a “bridge”. Utena does this exercise I think in ep. 31. I was a bit surprised to see it here as it is quite a strong and impressive picture and this show has generally stayed away from sexuality.

    1. Agreed, her friend was not worth it. At all. I wished she could have teamed up with Kouichi and displaced Mei. But I knew that would never happen. :/

      Ah, you’re right! I was thinking this was some exercise routine but couldn’t remember what it was called. I vaguely recall doing that move in elementary school. The show’s mostly stayed away from sexuality, but not entirely. There was that beach scene with the sea cucumber and the seaweed, for example. 🙂

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