Ao Haru Ride — First Impressions


Barf. I hate shoujo romances. And Ao Haru Ride is no different.

Why does the girl always fall in love with an asshole? Why do they have the dumbest misunderstandings? Ao Haru Ride’s misunderstanding is dumb even by shoujo romance standards, though. She¬†and the boy had even arranged a date, then he overheard her saying to her friend that “boys are all jerks.” Oh come on why would any reasonable person take such a thing seriously? Or if you did take it seriously, why wouldn’t you at least tell the girl you weren’t coming to your date and not stand her up, proving her right that boys are all assholes?

I also like how this girl thinks being popular and attractive are mutual exclusive.


I guess the art looks cool? But, dropped.

2 thoughts on “Ao Haru Ride — First Impressions

  1. I can understand why you don’t like shoujo romances even though i don’t agree. *Kind of a spoiler alert* The reason he doesn’t come to the date it’s not because he heard her say “I hate all boys”, it’s a little bit more complicated and it has something with him not being Tanaka anymore, if you catch my drift.

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