Birdie Wing Review — B+

Lesbians go golfing.

Have to hand it to Birdie Wing. It took *golf* of all things and made it seem fun.

It’s completely fictional, of course, and not confined by the chains of reality. But still, well done. I applaud you Birdie Wing. (not enough to want to play golf though)

This was a fun show. I think my favorite moment was when they went to the golf match with the mafia and they had the underground transforming robotic golf course. I was laughing so hard.

I do think the show suffered from trying to tell a sort of serious story involving illnesses and such, particularly in the second half. Not what anyone is here for. We want crazy golf antics and lesbians making out.

Still, overall a very fun show!

  • Storytelling – B – Solidly entertaining.
  • Voice – A – Can be nuts at times.
  • Characters – B – Fun!
  • Attention Grab – B – Kept my interest!
  • Production – B – Looked good.
  • Overall – B+

Recommendations – Saki, Keijo!!!!!!!

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