Boku no Hero Academia — First Impressions


Our hero can’t be a hero.


Pretty good first episode. If a fairly typical setup, where the main character who is weak and bullied will eventually become the strongest. I particularly like the character designs— they are very different from what you typically see in anime. There are also a bunch of nice details, like the biggest hero always coming out of convenience stores.

Hard to tell what the rest of the show will be like from this (I’m guessing it will turn into a superpowers battling show) but definitely enough of a hook to get me to watch the next episode.

4 thoughts on “Boku no Hero Academia — First Impressions

  1. “Hard to tell what the rest of the show will be like from this”

    Note the Academy bit in the title! But yeah, I think one way to describe HeroAca would be that it’s Shokugeki no Soma, but with Heroes instead of cooking.

    I love the manga a lot (stayed up all night last night rereading and catching up to it), so I really hope the anime does well.

    1. Yeah, seems to have turned out pretty well so far! Shokugeki no Soma is a good comparison. Except it needs more perverted delusions.

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