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Shin Sekai Yori 17 — Application for Intercolonial War


Now that Saki is a member of the Department of Queerat Control, we get to see the inner workings of their relationships to the colonies. It’s quite a fascinating peek. Saki is in charge of breeding naked molerats, accepting applications to go to war, and observing the battlefield itself.

It’s a pretty disturbing system. The queerats need to fill out an application to go to war. The department goes to the battlefield to observe. And they do absolutely nothing to prevent the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of queerats. Continue reading Shin Sekai Yori 17 — Application for Intercolonial War

Shin Sekai Yori 16 — Searching for Maria

Not much happened this episode— Maria read her letter to Saki as they relived their childhood, then Saki and Satoru wandered around searching for her and Mamoru. But it was still a powerful episode.

Maria’s letter elegantly explained their reasons for leaving. I didn’t like the insert song— it seemed out of place and a needless interruption. I still think Maria’s wrong that Mamoru is the weakest and can’t live on his own. He is the one who left town by himself so that he could survive.


The search portion of the episode was beautiful. Especially the sunset scene. The animators do some wacky stuff, like that episode which focused on everyone’s crotches, but they really do know how to make things look pretty when they try. Continue reading Shin Sekai Yori 16 — Searching for Maria