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2013 Year in Review

Now that we’ve moved into 2014, let’s look back on the past year.

Only shows that finished in 2013 are eligible. (So Kill la  Kill is not.)


All the music sucked this year except for Shin Sekai Yori and AKB0048, and the latter is only because they brainwashed me. Actually Kyoukai no Konata and Tamako Market had okay music too from what I recall. But the point is, J-Pop sucks.

Worst Characters

  1. Little Busters — All Females Except Rin. Ugh I hated this show.
  2. Maouyuu Maou Yuusha — Stupid Maid. That speech was so bad.
  3. Robotics; Notes — Kai. Ugh.
  4. Sakurasou — Mashiro. So annoying. Like dating a three year old.
  5. Devil Survivor 2 — Every single fucking character.
  6. Oreimo — Ayase. She used to be the best character (not that that’s saying much for Oreimo) but then they completely ruined her.
  7. Suisei no Gargantia — Amy. Talk about a useless main character.
  8. Date a Live — Tohsaka. It’s saying quite a bit when the loli isn’t the worst character in the show.
  9. Crime Edge —  Main Girl. It’s just disappointing when the show was filled with so many awesome crazies and the main love interest is so normal.
  10. Dog and Scissors — Everybody. Especially the main girl because she showed up the most.
  11. Kamisama no Inai — Scar and Old Guy. Had cool backstories but ended up as babysitters. Literally.
  12. Walkure Romanze — Cat Girl. Why…
  13. Galilei Donna — Middle GIrl. Completely useless.
  14. Kyoukai no Konata — Mirai. So annoying. 
  15. Nyaruko — Hasuta. Fuck Hasuta.

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2012 Year in Review: TV Anime

The final entry in my 2012 Year in Review. Previously we discussed music and characters. This time, I’ve gone ahead and ranked all the anime of 2012 from worst to best (loosely). This list only includes shows that have finished.

Dropped: Acchi KocchiArashi no Yoru ni: Himitsu no TomodachiBrave 10, Busou ShinkiCode BreakerEbitenFolktales from Japan, Gon, Hiiro no Kakera, Kuroko’s BasketballKuromajyo-san ga Touru!!, La storia della Arcana FamigliaGakkatsuKamisama HajimemashitaKill Me BabyThe Knight in the AreaLitchi DE Hikari ClubNaruto SDPabu and MochizuRecorder to Randsell,  Saint Seiya OmegaShibainuko-sanSukitte li na YoTeekyuToLoveRu Darkness, Zetman

Incomplete: AKB0048ChihayafuruDusk Maiden of AmnesiaMysterious Girlfriend XNatsuiro KisekiNatsuyuki RendezevousSankareaShakugan no Shana IIIUtakoi

Ongoing Series: GIRLS und PANZER, Hunter X HunterIxion Saga DTJojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Little BustersMagi, Polar Bear Cafe, PSYCHO PASSRobotics; NotesSakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, Shin Sekai YoriSpace BrosZetsuen no Tempest

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2012 Year in Review: Characters

A while ago I reviewed the music from the past year, now I’m doing characters, and next I’ll be doing shows.

Worst Female Character


5. Inori Yuzuriha: Guilty Crown
From pop idol to revolutionary to damsel in distress to wolverine to piece of crystal. Because she’s herself.


4. Wakana Sakai: Tari Tari
St. Wakana, as I fondly called her. Lecturing all her friends, acting as if she had attained enlightenment, and treating everyone else like children. So annoying. Continue reading 2012 Year in Review: Characters

2012 Year in Review: Music

This year I decided to split up my year in review post into several smaller posts. First I’ll look at the music in anime this year. I hate J-POP with a fiery passion, so keep that in mind.

Worst OP / ED

This year had a lot of terrible OPs. But only one of them made me want to hang myself.

Congratulations, Queen’s Blade: Rebellion! Your music sounds nearly as good as scratching nails on a chalkboard! Continue reading 2012 Year in Review: Music

2011: A Year in Review

It’s nice to look back occasionally and look at the previous year. How was 2011 in terms of anime?

Most Pleasant Surprise

Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai
After the first episode’s panty flash from a little girl, I dropped the show and didn’t finish the episode. A few weeks later, I decided to give it another shot, and was pleasantly surprised. It’s setup with the “three” main characters gives a unique and much needed twist to the harem genre. Its jokes can be fairly witty, and the characters are not your straight-up harem tropes. And it’s pretty fun trying to figure out what’s going on. Continue reading 2011: A Year in Review