ChaoS; Child — First Impressions


Remember Chaos; Head? Because I damn sure don’t. Aside from it being one of the worst things I’ve ever suffered to watch.

Do yourselves a favor and just skip the first half of this double episode, which is a rehash of Chaos; Head. I don’t remember much of Chaos; Head, but it only left me more confused than I was before. Just go to Wikipedia and read the plot summary of Chaos; Head and that will save you a whole lot of trouble.

The second half, which is actually the new show, was nowhere near as terrible, although I certainly wouldn’t call it good. It probably won’t be as boring as Robotics; Notes at least.

Regardless, this franchise would have been better off forgotten…

3 thoughts on “ChaoS; Child — First Impressions

  1. Chaos;Head had an actual plot?
    Yeah, the first half recap did it for me. Five minutes in and I was reminded how much Chaos;Head annoyed me and decided that I really didn’t need to give Chaos;Child a go because why bother watching a sequel to something I didn’t like.

  2. To be fair to the recap, it does serve quite an important purpose in this case. Although it is shown from the chaos;head protagonists point of view it only covers information that the public (most importantly the protagonist of chaos;child) knows about the events. So it’s missing a heap of information and can’t help being confusing. At least it decided to pretend that some of the worst characters from that show don’t exist.

    Of course that doesn’t stop it from still being dumb since putting the anime aside, the original visual novel for chaos;head isn’t very good either.

    Anyway, as someone who has read chaos;child already I can definitely confirm that it is much better than chaos;head (not that that means much…) But for people watching even though the recap half of the episode is really dumb and confusing people should still watch the recap because although it doesn’t make sense now it definitely is important to help understand some of chaos;child. (also I wouldn’t recommend deciding to drop the show by the recap either, but I can’t blame anyone for doing so since it is like 15+ minutes worth of chaos;head..)

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