Charlotte — First Impressions


Some kid thinks he’s Lelouch.


The first half was great, when he goes around smirking and laughing evilly and acting like Lelouch with his geass power. The parts with the new student council were decent, it was amusing but kind of sad seeing a Lelouch type character getting his ass handed to him so easily. Strategy should always defeat tactics… or something.

But anyway once the imouto character showed up my hopes all came crashing down.

2 thoughts on “Charlotte — First Impressions

  1. so i dont really get this anime, the MC is supposed to be like lelouch, but lelouch being a dick only worked because he was a genius and had a super power.

    This MC is an idiot and has a super power and an asshole, I find it hard to accept the appeal of the character that is being compared so closely to lelouch, esp his character design but is so clearly uninterestingly inferior. Also white girl may have a personality disorder, her character changes like every 5 minutes, i hope thats intentional.

    1. Pretty much. He definitely doesn’t live up to Lelouch, that’s for sure.

      I still kind of funny how this guy tries to be Lelouch and fails so miserably though. He totally gets what’s coming to him.

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