Classroom Crisis 12 – 13 — Survival of the Organization



There’s some parallelism here. Both Nagisa and A-TEC are both about to die. Which is more important, the life of a human or the life of an organization?

The characters in Classroom Crisis refuse to choose. They try to save both. They argue that killing A-TEC is as good as killing Nagisa.

I would submit that this is ridiculous. But as I said last week, it is also perhaps as inevitable as it is monstrous. The ultimate concern of any organization is its own survival, which will overshadow all other goals.

Yet somehow doing everything to save the organization when a person’s life is endangered is seen as a good and noble thing.


The plan to save A-TEC is the “revolt of his life”. The principalities and powers have so completely and totally possessed everyone to the extent that the survival of the organization is seen as more important than the lives of its members. And it’s not like this organization is feeding the hungry or rescuing people from slavery or anything. This is an organization whose purpose is to make money.


In its quest for survival, the organization quite literally demands that humans sacrifice their lives for it. The company is meant to serve humans, but instead humans are serving the company.

Basically, all the bad guys are right:




After a show that was overall quite thought-provoking, I was disappointed by the ending. They seem to have missed the last leap of intuition. The conclusion seems to be, “Hey, this one CEO kind of sucks, but there’s no better life than being a corporate slave!”


Also WTF with the love triangle. Dumbest end to a love story ever. They should have either gone the imouto route or gone the lesbian route but not both…


Although this ending kind of made up for it.

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  1. I was so happy with the Mizuki (brown hair) ship. Then they went and totally destroyed it with the stupid childhood friend from 10 years ago love triangle (she isn’t an imouto unless you were referring to someone else).

    Grumble, grumble.

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