Cross Ange 18 – 19 — Bitchiness Saves the World

Episode 18 Summary


Vivian has her medical checkup.



Hilda explains why she isn’t friends with Captain anymore, because Captain keeps trying to murder her. It’s tragic that their deep friendship, from back in the days when Hilda was raping the entire squad, has come to this.




Ange is still a bitch.


Hilda and Ange reconnect in the shower.


The commander decides to trick the dragons and get them all slaughtered. Ange disapproves.


The commander threatens to kill Momoka and starts beating the shit out of Ange.

Fortunately, Tusk was prepared, and filled the submarine with sleeping gas canisters.


The source of Tusk’s power is horniness.


They make their escape, but somehow the commander gets to the exit before them, even though she just fell asleep. She and Ange have a knife duel, but Ange beats her up.


Ange can’t fight the commander’s way. Not because that would be a horrible thing to do to her friends, or because all the dragons would die. But because that would ruin her dreams to open the Cafe Ange. Or something. I don’t even know…

Ange and friends escape the sub only to get into a fight with Salia.

Episode 19 Summary


Momoka escapes from her fall by using the light of mana.


Salia uses attack formation Stealth Rose Triangle. In which she goes right in front of Ange, says “This is attack formation Steal Rose Triangle,” pulls out a pistol, and shoots Ange in the heart.


Ange travels to the past or something. Where she had real silk underwear.

Turns out Salia shot Ange with a tranquilizer gun. Embryo has been totally creeping on Salia so she switched sides.


Ange raises her bitch levels to the maximum to beat the crap out of Salia and diss her. Honestly this part was kind of awesome.



Vivian’s lesbian partner / mother figure (forget her name) joined Embryo because he could bring children back from the dead. Fair enough, I guess.

Chris joined with Embryo because he told her he would be his true friend. Unlike her other friends who abandoned her. Oh, and who raped her repeatedly. That’s just friendship though.


Nunally is busy whipping lizard bitches.



Embryo shows up. Ange kills him a few times but he doesn’t care. Embryo makes Ange feel all horny and tells her to abandon everything. Including her clothes.


Embryo pinches Ange’s nipples.  They kiss. Ange bites Embryo’s tongue off.

Turns out the commander is Embryo’s ex. Those bitches when they get jealous… My god this is so dumb. Not that I should be surprised at this point.


Summary pretty much captures it all. I was worried for a bit in the middle when everything was seeming serious, but now we’re back into full-on trash mode. Keep up the good work Sunrise, I believe in you. You can still surpass Gundam SEED DESTINY.

7 thoughts on “Cross Ange 18 – 19 — Bitchiness Saves the World

  1. I feel this is the appropriate time to thank you for these write-ups. I like knowing the insane stuff that’s going on in this show, even if I’m not interested in actually subjecting myself to watching it.

  2. It is always lame when you see two people parry blows with short knives in anime and then just hold them against each other im a contest of force while exchanging words. This parry might work for a lond sword, but when youre that close to each other there is nothing to stop you from kicking or stepping back and swinging the knife again… Also lol at how they parry with the edges touching the edges…youre gonna chip your knives.

    1. Hm honestly that was the least of my concerns in this show but you’re right. It happens all the time in anime too.

    1. Yeah, but come on, there’s no way that Cross Ange is going to surpass the masterpiece that is VALVRAVE. Just being realistic here.

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