Guilty Crown 20 — Ouma Ouma Shuu

This week’s guest musician is Inushinde from Shinde Iie Anime Blog. If you aren’t already, check out his site, he hosted one of my favorite recent posts by Rick Santorum (NSFW, obviously). Please join me in enjoying Inushinde’s take on the Scooby Doo theme song!

Scooby Doo (Click to Download)

Ouma Ouma Shoe, where are you? We need to save the world now.
Ouma Ouma Shoe, where are you? We need some help from you now.

Come on Ouma Shoe,  I see you, pretending you care for your friends.
But you’re not fooling me, cause I did see, the indistinct you did cleanse.

You know we’ve got a world to save so Ouma Shoe be ready for your act! Don’t hold back!

And Ouma Shoe if you come through you’re gonna have yourself quite a rack! That’s a fact!
Ouma Ouma Shoe, here are you. You’re our king and make us swoon.
But we can’t count on you, Ouma Shoe, I know the world will end soon.

The Episode

Usually Guilty Crown is very dumb and very entertaining (as long as you laugh at it, not with it). This week’s flashback episode managed to be both very dumb and very boring.

It was just an exposition dump, literally handed over by Gai in book form. So that they can die knowing everything. Personally, I don’t see how “everything” we’ve learned changes anything in the slightest from before. But whatever.

Add in nonsensical references to Adam and Eve and a villain who was evil since before she was even born, and I can barely contain my enthusiasm for this show.

We end with Ouma Shoe on a boat, the man of tragic destiny, sent off by his loving friends (who he tried to murder a couple episodes ago) to save the world. Whoop-de-doo.

13 thoughts on “Guilty Crown 20 — Ouma Ouma Shuu

    1. Apparently. You know what they say, put the shoe on the other foot…

      It’s not like we should expect Guilty Crown to make any sense at this point.

    1. Because the Scooby Doo song is shorter. And I chose a shorter song because the entire episode is one giant pointless flashback. Not much to write home about…

  1. This is the WWF form of story telling. 1 week’s bad guy is next week’s good guy and instant forgiveness can be had for all

  2. I can’t believe that this actually went off without a hitch. Ha! Thanks for letting me sing, it was fun once I could get my microphone to work properly.

  3. Whahhahahahah best song ever xDDDD

    Freaking flashback episode! GO DIE IN A FIRE…just kidding it was somewhat interesting and damn OH MA MANA? What a creepy ass child for real that face when she saw baby Shoe? She looks hungry O_o

    Fingers crossed for episode 21-22 having action <3 PLEASE

    1. Mana is messed up. A girl who was evil before she was even born. You may as well get an inanimate object and make that the final boss for all the amount I care about Mana.

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