Inu X Boku SS 12 — I’d Like to be a Steamed Bun

And I’d like to eat you.

A moment of zen. Also, I just noticed there are smiley faces in Karuta’s eyes!


Yeah, so I’m not the biggest fan of these type of lovey-dovey things. “I just met you last month, but I look forward to living the rest of our lives together!” I’m going to go ahead and predict that this marriage will end in divorce.

I do appreciate that they brought some conclusion to the romantic aspect of the story, however. And the delivery was excellent— it’s just the relationship itself and its pace that I’m not pleased with. I especially liked everyone’s reactions to hearing how Ririchihyo had accidentally confessed, which ranged from “So what? He likes you too.” to offering a lollipop, and to accusing Miketsukami of being a lolicon.

Those poor, innocent children may be scarred for life after witnessing that makeout session. Also, if this show took place in America Miketsukami would be arrested and convicted as a sex offender.


This episode was short on new costumes, but they seemed to realize this during the ending credits and went wild!

First we have these blouses and vests. I like them, especially with the two of them together and the elbow linkage.

Then we get everyone in their swimsuits. Karuta’s is the best, in my opinion. That shot with Watanuki and the sand castle is too cute. Those two should have been the main couple…

Next we have Watanuki crossdressing. Unfortunately he’s struggling too much for us to get a good look.

Finally, Miketsukami buys Ririchiyo a new dress and they live happily ever after, making out on couches and fields of flowers. I like this dress too, but my favorite from this episode has to be the first costume with Ririchiyo and Karuta in matching outfits.

11 thoughts on “Inu X Boku SS 12 — I’d Like to be a Steamed Bun

  1. Would Miketsukami be a sex offender in America? I could have sworn Ririchiyo was 16 so she could have a partner of whatever age she chose surely? Not that it’s important, I just like to point out the little things 😛

    On topic though, Interestingly enough, quite a few people have been saying Watanuki and Karuta should have been the main couple but I don’t agree. I think theirs is more of a comic duo than a proper love story.

    1. Well, it depends on the state, they vary between 16 and 18. Where I grew up he would have been in deep doo-doo.

      Exactly, they’re a comic duo, that’s why I prefer their love story. 🙂

      1. I see, in the UK, 16 years old is considered adult enough for relationships so even though it would be weird, it wouldn’t be illegal.

        I can appreciate the humour but I guess if it was Watanuki and Karuta, you would lose the romance which the author obviously wanted, and the drama. That is probably a plus for you though since you don’t like that stuff anyway 😛

  2. Re the costumes:

    Though it’s cute to have both girls together and dressed the same, the pattern (is looks a bit like a houndstooth pattern) is a bit too vivid for my taste. It also reminds me of Nyaruani which I liked very much but… well, I just strongly associate it with another show.

    I love the high waisted A-line dress one in the last picture, though! Similar dresses are worn a lot by the heroine in one of my most favourite manga, “Blood Alone” who has some common personality traits with Ririchyo.

    1. I never saw Nyaruani, I’d always assumed it was terrible… but interesting, I may need to check it out now.

      Haha yes, the heroine of Blood Alone does have a lot in common with Ririchihyo. I like her better though, none of Ririchihyo’s characteristic “Hmmph!” which has gotten a bit tiresome by now.

      1. Wow you know Blood Alone! I return the compliment with the excellent taste!

        When it comes to the level of intellectual challenge I’d say: Milky Holmes > Nekogami >> Nyaruani so be warned! The show is like bubble tea for your brain. The eps are only 4 mins long, consisting of about 1 min OP, 2 min crappy flash animation, 1:30 ED and 0:30 random shot of some Akiba maid’s legs with nice BGM and an overexcited Nyarlko talking more nonsense. The concept of moe-ified Ctulhu gods is hard to match, though! It seems we’ll get to see a full fledged anime of this in the upcoming spring season.

        1. Yeah, that’s probably why I haven’t watched it… I’ve never even read any Lovecraft so I probably wouldn’t get it anyway. Have you seen Demonbane, by the way? It’s also loosely based on the Cthulhu mythos (very loosely, somehow it involves mecha). It’s one of the worst series I’ve ever seen so if you haven’t seen it yet, don’t. 🙂

  3. I find Shirakin Ririchiyo very adorable. I adore her as she never gives up to find the strength to change. She claims that her strength comes from the support of Miketsukami.

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