Inuyashiki — First Impressions

A dying man is killed and becomes a robot.

It’s a pretty cool concept! You pretty much never get anime about people over 30. And this guy is almost double that.

That said, parts of the setup felt a bit weak. I felt like the parts with his family were probably supposed to portray him in a sympathetic light. It didn’t come across that way. He sucks at communicating with his wife, their disagreements are mostly on him. And his children are half just being normal teenagers, and half just being unbelievable. Like his children seem to be mostly mad at him because they don’t live in a mansion. Come on, this is just silly. Also the teenagers he scared away are comically evil. But, whatever, not a big deal.

Looking forward to seeing where this leads!

2 thoughts on “Inuyashiki — First Impressions

  1. The source manga for Inuyashiki ended last July.

    The anime’s 11 eps only, but since the manga panels are mostly scenery and establishing shots people think it’s possible.

    Also, this is by the creator of Gantz. Expect much violence.

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