Ishuzoku Reviewers Review — D

Some losers spend all their money on prostitutes of different species in a fantasy world and write reviews.

PLEASE don’t watch this unless you have a good group of friends to laugh at it with you like I do with Classy. This is uh… quite a bit more explicit than even our usual fare for the Classy anime group. I am so so glad I had the censored version.

With a good group it was fun to watch. Just you are constantly in shock at how low they will sink. And it keeps going lower and lower and lower.

Also I felt a kinship to the main characters as we are all fellow reviewers. They review prostitutes and I review anime. Both are probably equally thankless and pointless tasks. Anyway my favorite episode is the one where they meet some guy who gets extremely angry at them for not giving all of the prostitutes a 10 / 10 and stalks them and screams at them in public. That is how I have felt about the occasional blog comment that gets pissed at me because I can’t properly appreciate the true art that is Mahouka or something.

  • Storytelling – D – Hm.
  • Voice – B – Unique concept for sure.
  • Characters – C – The girls are… not cute.
  • Attention Grab – A – Like watching an asteroid crash into Earth.
  • Production – D – The OP was good, they stole the YMCA song.
  • Overall – D

Recommendations – Respect sex workers, it must truly be a difficult job.

One thought on “Ishuzoku Reviewers Review — D

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