Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing 10 — Royal Intrigue

Wow. This show just keeps getting better and better.


It was obvious that this wasn’t going to turn out well since the Federation let the older sister come back. And indeed, it didn’t: an agreed-to annexation to prevent war. I guess the princess is marrying the creepy guy. (an aside: they said he was the ruler of the Federation, I thought he was just the Empress’ representative?)

Now, at first I thought that the older sister was doing all this to protect Millia. But with the way she disowned Millia and ordered her troops to fire on her, I have my doubts. Even Milla thinks her sister has abandoned her. With that said, the princess did seem to smile when Millia had escaped. Perhaps she has mixed feelings, but is putting her country first.

Al Returns

Alvis is back! I must say, I liked her old costume better.

I’m not a fan of the way she was introduced either. Her role in this episode consisted of having Dio say, “She’s a kind girl,” and herself saying that Millia is just like her. Show, don’t tell, guys.

And I wonder who the person close to her that died was?

Teddy, Defend the Kingdom!

Too cute!

Dio vs. Darth Maul

Dio in a lightsaber battle?! Hell yeah!

If there’s one thing this show does well, it’s making things exciting. That battle was intense! As was Fam’s escape, the downing of the Sylvius, the standoff between the sisters: well, ok, pretty much everything.

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18 thoughts on “Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing 10 — Royal Intrigue

    1. It kinda shows what a badass Dio is. Even while fighting off Alauda, he manages to turn back and cheerfully yell ‘Catch you later’ to Fam and company.

  1. I’m guessing the person Alvis lost is actually Guita, her old babysitter, and not one of our LE protags 😉 Sort of like losing her babysitter, her family, being alone, and meeting two good friends. does sound like Millia right?

    1. It sounded to me like she just lost someone recently, didn’t Guita die a while ago now?

      But yeah, she really is quite similar to Millia, but less spunky. I just wish they could have found a less awkward way of pointing this out.

  2. Technically Luscinia is the Premiere of the Federation, which means that while Sara Augusta is the nominal head, Luscinia has the REAL power. And I don’t think there’s been any mention of an actual marriage between Luscinia and Liliana, but there’s very much a formal alliance between the two powers now… Which means that Anatoray is in a lurch yet again.

    I mentioned this in other places, but despite actually ordering her soldiers to open fire on Milia earlier, she looked *awfully* relieved to see her sister (along with harem lead Fam and osananajimi Giselle) escape on the vespa. Something is clearly up here, but we’ll only likely learn about it after the Grand Race episode.

    1. Ah, ok, so he’s in an official position, not just her guardian. Thanks! I’m probably reading too much between the lines with the marriage idea, but the way they stepped out together seemed to suggest that the union was personal as well as political. And that’s the traditional way for countries with monarchies to merge into one, but who knows.

      I agree, she did look very happy to see her sister escape. Still, I find the fact that she opened fire in the first place troublesome. It seems very risky… but we’ll discover her intentions soon enough!

  3. Hmm… I beginning to think that something happened to claus and lavie because Dio just said Al lost someone important recently….

      1. I’m thinking that the person Al recently lost is Holly Mad-thane. They were pretty close towards the end of season one and in the mangas…

  4. I thought it was kinda funny watching Vincent running back to the Urbanus with Al under one arm. I suppose Sophia made it real clear to Vincent what would happen to him should something bad happen to her Exile key. 😀

  5. I believe Al’s comment “you two are just like me” refers to Liliana and Millia’s abilities, not that any two of Fam and co. were like her in personality or personal history. This is the kind of information that is suitable for expositions.

    1. In my opinion, the best exposition is the least exposition, or the least obvious exposition. I would have preferred if they’d *showed* what Al was like instead of having her make this awkward and unconvincing declaration to people she’d met thirty seconds ago.

      1. There’s nothing awkward or unconvincing about her exposition.

        From the characters’ point of view, Dio wants to reassure Millia that Liliana is alive. The most convincing way to do this is to inform her of the inheritance rules for Exile keys right from the mouth of the Anatoray Exile key. Thus, the exposition arises naturally from what Dio wants to do.

        From the narrative point of view, there are two important pieces of information for the audience.
        1. It tells us exactly what is at stake for Anatoray with Al. This brings those who have not watched LE1 up to date with those who have. This information is not suitable for demonstration because Anatoray is operating in stealth mode, but her importance may come into play much sooner than when Anatoray is ready to call their Exile into action.

        2. It brings up the possibility that Anatoray can assassinate Liliana to gain control of the Turan Exile. This information is not suitable for demonstration because of deus ex machina concerns.

        I am not going to give up so much foreshadowing for such an extreme application of the show don’t tell rule.

        1. Oh, I see what you mean! I thought that Al was saying Millia and Giselle were a lot like her, not Millia and Lilliana. But that makes much more sense. Thanks!

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