Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing 17 — Peace

Come on guys. What was the point of that war? Everyone stops fighting because someone asks them to do? This is just dumb. Why did they fight a war in the first place again? Because the Empress didn’t ask them to be friends? Weren’t they trying to kill the Empress in the last episode?

And I don’t get it. Why does anyone pay any attention to Fam? She’s completely useless.

I’ll just give a few stray observations this week, since I don’t have anything coherent to say aside from how silly this was.

Truly, words of wisdom, Fam! But that friendly fire incident… those third fleet soldiers have no discipline at all. Firing on their allies without a command to?

I like all the small details, like these transport ships. Although they don’t seem very practically designed, with the lack of railings.

Fam’s harem just keeps growing…

I find it amusing how they have air superiority when they take out the enemy vanships even though every ship is airborne.

WTF is this, a bulletstorm game?

Teddy is back. Yes! The best part of the episode.

What was the point of jumping off the roof exactly…? I guess to make Dio useful? A heroic rush to save the world before the battle starts? Well, whatever…

Again… what was the point of this war?

Clearly, this guy shares my opinion of Fam and is reconsidering his decision after watching her celebration. Please start by returning the messenger’s head on a platter!

Oh, wait. Fam is his granddaughter or a princess or something. Never could have guessed that.

8 thoughts on “Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing 17 — Peace

  1. You mean Fam is his (Sadri’s) granddaughter AND a princess. Both aren’t mutually-exclusive.

    As for Dio jumping off to the roof, it was classic screwball Dio, at the same time entirely practically, as it avoids all the annoying checkpoints and guards likely patrolling the corridors to Augusta Sara’s quarters.

    1. Good point, both are possible at once. I wonder how they would explain that though. I suppose Sadri could have been a king of another country that was absorbed by Ades, or could have married into a royal family. I feel like they might have already mentioned something along those lines, but I didn’t pay much attention to it.

  2. LOLOLOL That spinning ship at the end made me laugh! That is soooo cheating! You can’t fire in all directions against those other ships…wait this is anime! So it works <3

    1. Of course! Everything works in anime! How do you win naval battles? By flying into the center of the enemy fleet and spinning like a top!

  3. Congrats for the return of Oscar; I knew you would cheer!

    Dian’s comrade (did I miss her name?) somewhat skyrocketed in my list of favourite characters with all this blushing! I hope to see more of her!

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