Mahouka 22 — Still Not Incest

Another week, I still haven’t killed myself. Let’s get this over with.


  • We start out with Tatsuya playing God and judging the world. Fuck you, Tatsuya. Tatsuya has the power to unilaterally dismiss all charges against this girl. He’s basically a dictator, even though he’s supposedly a powerless student. Whatever.


  • This portrayal of hacking is retarded, even by the usual standards. A bunch of people yelling at each other while they type on the computer and counterattack. The Chinese terrorists are so stupid, why didn’t they attack overnight or during lunch break? Would have been trivial to steal all the data then.


  • Tatsuya also solved robotics and AI? You’ve got to be shitting me.
  • Apparently it can also kill people, he has to disable it.
  • Oh wait, I forgot, Tatsuya is a robot. So the robot must have been made by someone else. Unless Tatsuya also invented himself. Which is possible, I suppose, assuming Tatsuya is God, which also seems to be the case. Tatsuya, the self-begetting.


  • I thought this Chinese terrorist was supposed to be really strong, but he gets offed in twenty seconds by some random guy whose name I don’t even remember. Actually did this guy ever show up before? I don’t remember him at all. Regardless, way to establish the villain as a threat, Mahouka.


  • Finally somebody says something intelligent. Of course it’s the villain and it’ll probably turn out he’s saying this to trick people into dumb ideas like thinking that oppression is wrong so that the Chinese terrorists can win.


  • Wonderful, the school has a prison run by the students. This can only turn out well.
  • And, as expected, within twenty seconds the students proceed to threaten, drug, and forcibly control the minds of the prisoners, who I can only assume are held indefinitely with neither charge nor any form of legal recourse.


  • And the super-powerful Chinese terrorist is defeated for the second time in the same episode. Of course the girls can’t do it, Tatsuya has to do most of the hard part and they just finish him off. And before this, Tatsuya said he would prefer to run away from this guy. Haha yeah right. It makes it hard to build a powerful villain when all Japanese characters are inherently superior in any way to all Chinese characters.



  • In case anyone forgot, Mahouka is not incest.



  • It’s not incest~~~



  • Just some ordinary, pure love between siblings~~~


  • Nothing to see here, move along~


  • Clearly not a girl and her robot in love with each other.

Welp, that was awful, as always. I don’t understand how it’s possible to make such a terrible anime. They should have hired me to write this, I could have done a better job.

7 thoughts on “Mahouka 22 — Still Not Incest

  1. Every time you make a Mahouka post, I think back to some idiot who commented on my first Mahouka review. He said something like “Mahouka is NOT incest! There is a perfectly logical explanation for every scene!” So I had a friend shoot me every picture from the next few episodes that involved incest, and the guy was in the more denial about this, then anyone I’ve ever spoken too. Every time he’d come up with some BS rationalization, and oh, it was so funny. xD

      1. To be honest, at this point, I don’t even care about the incest. I mean, yeah, incest in anime is inherently bad because it caters to the fundamental insecurity of the otakus by providing an accessible sexual fantasy yadda yadda, but it’s not like if I knew of two adult consentient siblings having sex IRL I’d answer with anything besides a shrug and a “meh, whatever suits you best”. The whole political angle and the general mockery made of anything resembling lawfulness and democracy in general seem much much worse to me.

        1. For sure, incest is the least of Mahouka’s problems. Everything else is so much worse. Or perhaps I have just become used to incest in anime.

          Regardless, a good portion of the episode was solely dedicated to the incest, so I might as well talk about it.

    1. I’m not a fan of CLAMP, but it would be WAY better and maybe not make me want to vomit all over the place when I watch it.

      Tatsuya as Miyuki’s robotic dutch wife… yeah, that would be a big improvement actually.

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