Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! — First Impression

This actually started out pretty well. I thought it was going to be your usual visual novel adaptation, but the fighting makes things much more interesting. It was a lot like Dog Days.

But, then again… it was a lot like Dog Days. Dog Days had a great first episode, with an adrenaline-filled battle just like this one. Then it proceeded to completely fall apart. I could easily see Majikoi doing the same thing. The battle was fun, but I doubt the inevitable school life segments will be quite as exhilarating.

This is especially true with characters like these. We haven’t actually met them yet, but they don’t seem too interesting (especially the females, for once the male lead doesn’t look bad). There’s very little to differentiate them at the moment. And they all smile way much. Why are they smiling while they fight? It’s creepy.

I’m especially not sold on the lead female. Our male lead seems to have a brain for once, so why would he fall in love with an idiot like her? Plus she’s his sister…? Why does no one else seem concerned about this? Based on the fact that the other girl called her “sister” too, I’m hoping they’re not actually related…

We should get a much better idea of what to expect after the second episode, so I’ll stick around at least for that. Oh, and I’m shipping archery girl.

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12 thoughts on “Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! — First Impression

  1. Bleh…after that first episode, I’m looking forward to the school life segments more.

    The battle was kind of dumb…they introduced 75,000 new characters in the second half, all with special moves, and I don’t remember any of them 2 minutes after finishing. Except for the main boy and his “sister”, which (I’ve been told) is not actually his sister. He just calls her that out of respect. Ok…

    Maybe this was supposed to be a Bleach parody or something.

    1. Good to know she’s not his sister. I can’t stand siscon.

      I can’t remember any of them either, but I doubt they’ll matter. I’m guessing the main cast will be those two and the four who are conspiring to hit on the guy.

      1. I guess this is better than slow-moving harem shows, (Fortune Arterial, Hosizora) where nothing really happens…

        But geez, that first ep is completely ridiculous…:S

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